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Tandoori chicken supper

we are indeed a fan of tandoori chicken, now ideally coked in a tandoor oven thingy me bob..  You can though replicate it pretty well.. First the chicken.. A baby chicken simply skinned and into four pieces..   Due to… Read More ›

Ramen noodles supper

i really like ramen.. Haven’t had it for ages .. I follow @kintonramen on the Twitter.. Their ramen looks the business.. Problem is they are based in Canada .. Umm and I am not..  So make I had to make… Read More ›

A bit chickened out.. 

Ok.. Last chicken supper for a while..  With use up vegetables too.. Sweet potatoes , red potatoes , king Edwards, carrots, peppers , French garlic and Indian pink onions..    All tumbled up in Mrs middletons straight up oil.. With… Read More ›

Use up supper 

I love a good use up supper..  A chance to have small bites of those lovely leftovers..  We had some of that great belly pork leftover ..    Fried off with no oil in uncle bens wok that was spot… Read More ›

Making merguez & Mercs

i love merguez sausages.. I like Mercs too..  Let’s start with the merguez though.  I am going for a straight lamb one.. Although adding beef is possible too..    This is breast of lamb.. Mixed with spices and herbs..  One… Read More ›

Spatchcock chuck 

off the hard stuff at the moment .. The red meats.. Just a little break..  So onto the chicken.. Taken this one.. A nice one..   Using the poultry shears ( garden ones are fine also)..  Chop the knobbly bits… Read More ›

Salad days.. Part two morrocan carrots..  

Again on this salad trip.. And it’s a flavourful taste-full adventure for sure! Again taking inspiration from my blogger buddy Le petit paniere.. Carrots.. Chopped and boiled.. In a pan add olive oil.. Harissa and cumin.. Warm that up….. Read More ›

Homemade butter 

yeah you read that right..  Homemade butter !!!  I tasted these wonderful sweet potatoe rolls in john Lewis .. Not in the cafe . In the demonstration area.. I love those things! ( missed the Magimix one ) ( don’t… Read More ›

Chicken tandoori stylee

i gotta say.. Chicken tandoori or tikka style is my favourite way of eating chicken.. I love the taste .. Simply delightful.. A wonderful invention and thanks to the wonderful ready mixed spice you can get that are excellent it… Read More ›

Sunday roast beef

We haven’t had a ‘proper’ Sunday roast lunch for ages.. So it was high time we did..  Mrs Fitz went awalking with her pal and the hounds.. Over 10k country walk!  That gave me plenty of time to get a… Read More ›

Fish, chips & podded peas 

as you probably have realised by reading my posts..  Fish doesn’t really feature.. I struggle with it.  There is one way of getting me to eat it though. Fried of course! (Even then it’s not really happening..)..  When I was… Read More ›

Cooking with leftovers 

chicken tikka .. That lovely one from the other day..  Half a pink onion left in the fridge.. Fried off with ginger and garlic..    Added the chopped chicken..   Adding butter ..  And the bit of canned Karson saag….. Read More ›

Sesame lamb ribs

Ribs.. It’s a weird one really.. I think you can’t get more ‘meaty’ than ribs..  Not in the quantity of actual meat yet more like the gnarly bone sucking thing that goes on.. I like em .. Mrs Fitz doesn’t…. Read More ›

It’s a steak out! 

We are on steak-out.. (cooking steak outside!)..  Oh! I getcha! The spellings gave it away huh?  Ahh well ! Take a wee looksie at these!!    Now this a cut that I have had my young butcher Rib working on… Read More ›

Ribs! Glorious ribs!

love em or hate em.. Ribs is just one of those things that makes me smile.. I like em.. Don’t eat them enough really.. Bad ribs are really bad.. Good ribs are excellent!  These ribs are loin ribs.. And will… Read More ›

Cauliflower tempura

This deserves its own place on A cauliflower.. Floretted.. ( is that a word ? Yeah it is .. I say so.. )..   Some asofetida added.. With some Urfa pepper..  Then into the tempura batter mixed up with… Read More ›

Morrocan carrots

As promised here is the post on those delicious morrocan carrots..  These are wonderful carrots .. Scottish.. Delicious.. Simply chopped and boiled with sugar and salt.. ( more caster sugar than salt).. About ten minutes is perfect.. Then adding harrisa… Read More ›

Middle Eastern inspired lamb

With a shoulder of lamb that needed cooking we turned to flavours of the East.. Thinking sweetness and sourness with some heat and lip smackingness..    Pomegranate sauce over the slashed shoulder.. Urfar pepper, coriander and herbamare salt.. Mrs middletons… Read More ›

Last kebabs in Istanbul..

ok don’t panic! Stay cool!! There are more left for other people..  Yet Is this really the last kebab? We’ll probably joy yet it is indeed for now the last kebab in Istanbul ..  So where to have this mon-u-ment-us… Read More ›

Istanbul dinner 

we had a loooong day wandering.. Yet what a fabulous day .. Back in time to shower and use Nes Firz’s exceptional navigation in unfamiliar places , usually with a language barrier to boot skills.  Mrs Fitz really is sooper dooper… Read More ›

Turkishesque supper

not long till we go ‘a wanderin’ again.. This time to where (I am told!).. Madness meets insanity!! East meets west.. Istanbul! So in order to prepare for the taste-full adventures we will be embarking on.. Let’s get some practice… Read More ›

Pork, veg and rice.. Fast! 

Needed to cook this fast..  So pork shoulder chopped.. Inc rind and all… Into the uncle bens wok with a couple cloves of garlic.. Mixed veg.. Mrs middletons rapeseed oil.. And some brown basmati..     Cooked up on fierce heat.. … Read More ›

Beef spaghetti bolognese

Spag Bol..  That classic… Non-Italian I suppose.. Well perhaps its roots.. Yet everyone knows it.. And it has to be over meaty.. It just has to be!  First the sauce..    Italian herb mix (so hang on! That means it… Read More ›

Mrs Fitz harrissa lamb shanks

The slo-cook Revolution continues!  Mrs Fitz produces another winner .. Very happy indeedo..  This winning dish is lamb shanks in harrissa .. Rose harrissa ., and a bunch of other stuff too!  First the red ticket lamb shoulder shanks.. Always… Read More ›

Mrs Fitz beef rendang

Mrs Fitz seems to have taken over our Sunday suppers.. And this is more than fine for me! She really is rather good at turning out these amazing slo-cook numbers..  This weeks special.. ( there is actually two..)..👏   The… Read More ›

Steak sangers 4 supper

steak sandwiches .. A rare treat for us really.. Why? We eat heaps of steak..  It’s the bread.. We really don’t eat that much bread.. There was a show on telly the other day talking about the average households weekly/daily… Read More ›

Meh-hih-can supper

ok.. Sorry.. Sorry to all those that mailed me asking where my Mexican dish was for cinco de mayo.. Well here it is!  Having that great hamper of Mexican goodies from my attorney is a great help here! ( thanks… Read More ›

Mrs Fitz Chicken biryani 

she is still at it Mrs Fitz..  Cooking up a storm!    Mrs Fitz likes cooking precise..  So there’s all the ingredients ..  Cooked up.    It’s stunning!!    It would be delicious right there with breads.. Yet this is… Read More ›

Mexican chorizo

So how does this start?  It started with a gift from my attorney. A hamper filled with Mexican goodies!    Which was pretty cool I reckon!  Yet where to start?  Start where you begin..  Decided on Mexican chorizo .. What… Read More ›

Mrs Fitz mutton curry

mrs Fitz doesn’t get to do much of the cooking round here.. Yet when she does it’s always a winner.. I think perhaps because she is pretty precise and won’t go off the tracks!  Take the spices for this mutton… Read More ›

Boneless chicken drumstix

i heard about this ages ago.. And suddenly remembered about it again..  Bone removed chicken drumsticks..  Huh?  Yup.. Bone removed chicken drumsticks.  A quick look at the Internet showed me a few ways of doing this..  I choose one.. Now… Read More ›

Chicken thrice .. 

Huh? Chicken thrice?  Yup three dishes, one chicken in the leading role..  Sitting comfortably?  Then let’s press play! 🎬 As I stated with this its one chickens adventure into three meals.. Well six really I suppose as each fed two.. … Read More ›

Sunday chicken supper

with some of them reduced chucks still hanging out in the deep freeze they better get a spin out..  So defrosted on the magic defrosting plate . If you don’t own one I really recommend that you get one.. Not… Read More ›

Strip steak of sorts

a visit to the most excellent butchers in earls barton meant we have a few goodies in for the weekend .. Starting with this steak that I can only think is part of the hanger-onglet-skirt..    It needed some extra… Read More ›

Still Eire..

get it?  Still here in Eire..  First the news.. Mrs Fitz’s passport has been located in the courtesy car.. YAY! 🙏🙏🙏👏👏👍👊✌️ Ok so drove to Kinsale after a breakfast of pancakes    Ahh no!!  First what happened is that this… Read More ›

Easter in Eire

its easter a time of eggs and biblical stuff .. And I am in Eire -Cork to be exact..  Mrs Fitz’s homeland.. Umm slight problem though.. Mrs Fitz was due to be with me however we spent all last nite… Read More ›

Tempura chicken and spuds

am really on frying things right now! Dunno why.. Yet hey! Let’s keep the party going right?  This chicken was of royal standards , the highest welfare and food.. Perhaps even the odd foot spa after a hard day scratching… Read More ›