Persian mutton with fougasse

ok.. Countdown is on.. 

Istanbul here we come .. 

So let’s eat things like what we think we may get? Perhaps..

With some cans left over and open ( minus the ‘snotty’ one! This turned out pretty darn nice.. Admittedly a little pomegranate on the top would have been the icing.. Never mind.. Still darn delicious.. 

Persian? Yeah.. Iranian perhaps? It’s my dish so my choice huh? Hehehe

Starting by some tincy mutton chops.. Just the eye of the meat left…

Browned off and turmeric plus Patagonian purple garlic and Chinese ginger added.. 

Those cans added.. One being aubergine and tomatoe based and the other the ghormet sabzhi stuff .. Which I have decided is like a bitter Karson saag.. 


Salt and pepper added for seasoning along with chopped preserved morroccan lemons..  ( I had a very middle-class problem of not being able to find my Iranian dried limes!!).. 

Indian pink onion added too.. We really love them! 

Then a drained can of borlotti beans.. 


And a St Lucian smuggled cinnamon stick.. 

Man! We are travelling the globe in this one for sure!! 

All slo-cooked on high for three hours.. 

Meanwhile a bread dough made up.. 


Once risen nice.. Stretched, slashed , rubbed with Spanish olive oil and sesame seeds ( origin forgotten!).. sprinkled.. 


Baked hot for twenty or so minutes.. That’s all it takes.. 


Rubbed with a little English butter..and more maldon flaked sea salt added.. Smells freakin awesome !

The main cooked piping hot.. Not pretty this .. A little swampy even! 


Tastes superb.. I reckon even the grouchiest sultan would hum in appreciation .. 


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  1. Looks delish! So jealous of you going to Turkey.

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