Month: September 2013

Oktober Fest London

‎My Attorney went to the Oktoberfest in London.. Unfortunately he said it was pretty badly organised and slow on the beer and brats.. That’s a shame.. a big shame.. So no more to write about I suppose.. sorry x

Mr Fitz Bacon & Sausages

‎Had a lovely breakfast.. Of Mr Fitz.. streaky bacon.. Mr Fitz. Herby sausages.. and an egg and fried french bread.. Man.. I will never buy bacon or sausages again.. EVER!! This was a delicious scooby snack.. like proper delicious.. The… Read More ›

Chocolate wine!

My pal Ian was telling me about this wine his wife was given.. not sure about it yet he thinks it’s great! Hey mate,here is that chocolate wine I was telling you about. RUBIS chocolate velvet ruby ‎ An indulgent… Read More ›

Boys nite in..

‎Mrs Fitz gone off to Eire.. so boys alone!! Well me and Mr Wentworth.. x What do you do? Crack open some beers..? Call some buddies and start up the games console (you choose which..) watch the ‘end’ channels on… Read More ›