Month: September 2013

Oktober Fest London

‎My Attorney went to the Oktoberfest in London.. Unfortunately he said it was pretty badly organised and slow on the beer and brats.. That’s a shame.. a big shame.. So no more to write about I suppose.. sorry x

Mr Fitz Bacon & Sausages

‎Had a lovely breakfast.. Of Mr Fitz.. streaky bacon.. Mr Fitz. Herby sausages.. and an egg and fried french bread.. Man.. I will never buy bacon or sausages again.. EVER!! This was a delicious scooby snack.. like proper delicious.. The… Read More ›

Chocolate wine!

My pal Ian was telling me about this wine his wife was given.. not sure about it yet he thinks it’s great! Hey mate,here is that chocolate wine I was telling you about. RUBIS chocolate velvet ruby ‎ An indulgent… Read More ›

Boys nite in..

‎Mrs Fitz gone off to Eire.. so boys alone!! Well me and Mr Wentworth.. x What do you do? Crack open some beers..? Call some buddies and start up the games console (you choose which..) watch the ‘end’ channels on… Read More ›

Pork scratchings

‎Had to make some pork scratchings today.. used the rind from the bacon I am curing.. the bacon will be superb!! Organic hickory smoked.. yay!! (more about that in a week) x My attorney has been working flat out.. told… Read More ›

Double bake potatoes..

Baked potatoes.. let me write that again.. BAKED FRICKIN POTATOES!!! Everyone.. from vegans to hardcore carnivores.. you gotta love a baked spud right? X There is really summat about them.. the giving flesh.. the crisp outside.. my attorney often teases… Read More ›

Doner kebab

‎Had to do it.. they promised sunshine.. yet we had rain.. sunny now though! Decided post shopping that sausages and Doner was on the cards.. Went and saw my great butcher.. one kilo of mutton with some lamb in for… Read More ›

Lettuce cups

‎I LOVE lettuce cups.. love ’em.. the no bread option to be able to eat great meats.. or pulses or grains.. well not grains.. perhaps.. mebbe.. Mrs Fitz makes the ultimate car snacks when I come back from a long… Read More ›

A pint and a pigs head…

‎You gotta love old English pubs.. popped out for a pint after a good swim.. Pigs head available for free.. pint.. = money.. x Thing is.. we are now talking recipes.. !! Happy Friday x

Oooh it feels like winter!

‎It felt like a proper winters on its way day yesterday.. a day where hibernation is the best policy.. as well as a stick-to-ya-ribs kinda dish.. Beef stew.. pressure cookered.. 21 mins from chopping browning and waterering.. frickin amazing man!… Read More ›

Today’s lunch..

‎I am off to the Ivy for a client lunch today.. so made Mrs Fitz a nice salad.. (from the carton..) and some salmon pate sandwiches on lovely fresh french bread.. And I have a delicious train snack of Chicken… Read More ›

A trifling issue…

Mrs Fitz loves trifle.. and I could do nothing more than oblige to make one for her.. naturally it has to be straight from the store bought box right? The best Birds trifle box.. followed the instructions by the letter….. Read More ›

Injuns under pressure..

‎Mrs Fitz wants injun food today for supper.. So let’s make it! Gonna try the pressure cooker method.. loads of googlin didn’t bring up much help.. loads of mentions… no timings.. get creative Mr Fitz get creative! Timings unknown.. have… Read More ›

Chicken burger supper..

Needed something quick an easy.. into the depths of the freezer.. chicken burgers.. cool! X Good heyford rolls.. a bag of steves leaves.. they are good! A pot of lemon and poppy seed dressing ahhwaalaa! Take that clown face! Easy… Read More ›

Kebab supper

‎Had to do it.. had read the book that has been sent to change my life.. and nah it ain’t the bible or the Koran or any other!! Hahahh x Still.. Gone for little kebab nuggets seasoned with morrocan and… Read More ›


‎Best meal of the day they say… ? hmmm not my bestest meal of the day.. I think I prefer brunch and for sure supper! Mrs Fitz likes breakfast.. so I make her fruit yogurt and toast.. today with two… Read More ›

Steak pie supper

As I wrote before.. it’s kinda wintry here..‎.. actually not wintry.. more like autumn has just smacked us in the face! So pie for tea.. puff pastry topping (low fat pastry father Fitz.. used to be full butter an dripping!… Read More ›

Tacos for tea!

‎Had two pork chops needed eating.. ran them through the wonderful kitchen aid Mrs Fitz bought me as a gift.. it’s wonderful! And made sharp work of the chops.. So fried it off.. adding a sachet of taco seasoning mix….. Read More ›

Warmy lunch..

‎As I wrote.. it’s miserable weather.. even for the ducks! As I look outta the kitchen doors.. happy that I made the decision to make warming food.. the last Mr Fitz cumberland ring for me.. with mash and gravy.. moussaka… Read More ›

Lamb keema..kinda..

‎Had a wonderful ‘piece’ of freshly ground lamb leg given to me by my pal Wally.. he grinds it down the good ‘ol way! Naturally this lends itself perfectly to the most honourable dish.. keema.. there is something about keema… Read More ›

Jamaican Brown Stew

When I spoke with my Attorney yesterday he could not help himself joyfully extolling this dish he had made.. and to be fair after discussing it further with him it really really does seem to be a mouthwatering delight.. so… Read More ›

Pastrami on soughdough

‎For Mrs Fitz’s lunch today.. pastrami on toasted sough dough.. then sprinkled with red Leicester cheese.. nuked to melt the cheese, lined with jalepenos , fire roasted red peppers.. pastrami and French’s mustard.. With a ranch salad of carrot, chives,… Read More ›

Smoked beef ribs

‎Remember those ribs from yesterday? Well a-here-ya-go!! Had a problem getting heat on the weber.. well for sure it is coals.. you know I bought the stoopid amount the other day? Well this was the test.. and uh-oh.. it became… Read More ›

Pasty in bed..

‎Where better than a lazy Sunday morning in bed.. with a pasty!! My pal Fulham Dave went to the coast.. and brought back fresh crab for Mrs Fitz.. clotted cream an scones an jam for us to share and a… Read More ›

Lamb chops.. smoked!

You gotta love lamb chops.. when they are small tender and juicy.. charred on the outside and that slightly sweet fatty ‎meat.. yummy yum yums! X Got 1.5kilos of fresh cut chops from my butcher pal.. washed ’em.. (due to… Read More ›