Lunch at the Ivy.. scene two!!

‎Righty howdoohowdee..

We arrive.. a little flustered ‎for the speed walk.. and maybe that Jamies dirty dog kickin in a little?

My Attorney looks relieved.. as does the maitre de.. the cloakroom guy.. the hostess and ourselves!! X

We joyously sit.. (after a struggle getting my autumn jacket undone!)..

After talking turkey for a while.. smiles and positive nods all round.. cool! We go for the food..

Starters: me a watermelon, sesame duck, shoots, ginger and chilli with salted cashew nuts salad.. my Attorney.. a vietnamese salad.. my client.. a chicken noodle salad.. we all very happy indeed.. good starters..‎ as starters should be.. (the clue is in the name right? X)

For main.. shepherds pie times two and a roast pork belly.. feck this food is rich man.. proper rich.. yet delicious.. not in that hearty wholesome way.. more in the WOW POW ZAPPO.. that’s a rich number.. sides? Chips, mashed potatoes, and a ceasar salad..

We all happy now.. a few rose. Vinos and hendricks and tonics are floating atop that deliciousness now..

A short while of digestion..

Desserts.. Mr Fitz decided to take over the choices here.. gone for Baked Alaska.. served flambé by the table.. with kirsch and cherries.. very nice indeedo.. (sorry about pics yet cameras and phones are supposedly prohibited!)

A knickerbocker glory.. and an Ivy tasting plate.. quite nice.. the tasting plate had chocolate mousse, pistachio thingy, and a cheesecake..

Coffee? No thanks..

I made my excuses and left.. and my client and attorney went off to enjoy the early evening.. x

If you get the option.. you should go.. it is an institution.. and nice in an informal/formal kinda way.. x

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