Month: January 2014

Sausage rolls

So it’s Friday… Mrs Fitz liked Friday Its a significant day in many religions as well as signifying the end of the week… Friday always feels good! and think if the advertising campaigns that are bully around Friday’s “thank Crunchie… Read More ›

Rabbie Burns

This is Jack’s Burns Night meal. It is a Scottish tradition to celebrate Rabbie Burn’s birthday on 25th January with Haggis, Neeps and Champit Tatties. Of course it is also traditional to toast with a wee dram of a single… Read More ›

Steak supper for two

We had a lovely Friday nite supper of sirloin steak…fries and peas.. Mrs Fitz loves steak .. And I managed to procure this number at half price per’s from a good store and I gotta admit its great meat….. Read More ›

Haggis Pakora

Originally posted on Grub Blog:
A delicious (and different) way to celebrate burns this weekend! Haggis pakora are real comfort food – spicy haggis coated in a thick batter spiked with nutmeg. Ensure you use good quality haggis and you can’t…

poussin supper

Picked up a couple of poussin a while back that were on a special.. Have they have been tucked away in the big ice box safely.. Decided on them for the Sunday supper.. So defrosted rubbed with mrs Middletons pimped… Read More ›

Butternut squash soup

Was at the store that we actually really do like indeed and are getting used to the location of although the snow may be a bit strange when the snow starts.. There was butternut squash and sweet potato reduced pre-chopped… Read More ›

Chilli sausages

After the replacement part has been sent to me … I was hoping to be back to fully working order.. Yet no good, bah hum bugs x Gonna have to get back to the supplier and let’s try again.. It… Read More ›

Pie and mash

‎Something feels very English about pie and mash.. not just the cockney wistful dream about pie mash and liquor.. yet a good honest pie.. I test anyone to not like good pie.. like a decent stew.. yet thicker and encased… Read More ›

The Lone Star Grill

We were all set to go and have lunch at the Cowpers Oak.. in the very lovely quintessential village of Weston Underwood.. So I viewed the menu on-line… uh-oh!! Closed for holidays and a lick of paint till 17th January!!… Read More ›

Let’s go crazy!!

‎My attorney just contacted me to remind me it was actually ‘Let’s go Crazy’ by prince.. and that is far stranger to fall a stupor to indeed!! Hahha x Now why can’t I remember those words…??

Use up Lamb stew

What to do with the leftover lamb stew..? Went for pastry.. shortcrust.. drained the stew.. chopped it a little.. added peas.. Into the pastry.. brushed with egg wash.. Baked for 20 minutes at 200.. very good indeed.. Another cracking use… Read More ›

Roast beef.. twice!

‎Mrs Fitz favourite supper.. Roast beefs.. with ro‎ast potatoes.. and veg and gravy.. and homemade horseradish sauce.. no yorkshire for the Sunday version.. Yet what great leftovers‎!! Witha store bought square yorkshire.. new veg.. some spuds.. beef and gravy.. With… Read More ›

Use up stew..

‎So that was christmas… or the holidays.. whatever suits you best..x And you are always left with various things in the fridge so stew time it is..! Looking through the fridge.. there is celery, collard greens, potatoes, onions, parsnips, swede,… Read More ›

Headless Brawn

Nice from Jack.. this one I fancy a go of!! Save me a slice Jack!! When I was in the butchers in Newport Pagnell for the pork mince for the Lorne Sausages, I bought 3 huge trotters. I had a… Read More ›

Best sarnies…leftovers!!

Best thing for these times.. is fresh rolls from the bakery.. real butter.. and leftover meats.. The rib of beef from the other day has served us well.. a great supper.. great sandwiches with that wonderful home made horseradish sauce….. Read More ›