Polish dog.. M Burger.. And a pipe..

Ok.. Day 2.. Busy day.. Decided to try out the ‘polish dog’ today.. Its a spicier version.. With mustard, soft onions and sports peppers.. Its ok.. Not my favorite dog yet good none the less.. Also had an M Burger.. They sell you short on the patty.. No Brioche.. Great fries though tossed in sea salt.. Very good fries indeed! With a caramel cream soda float..

The drink cost more than the burger.. X

And a pipe.. Yup.. Bought a pipe.. From the oldest tobacco store in the USA.. Great building.. You take this elevator up.. It reminds me of those handbag places in dubai souk! Feels decidedly dodgy.. X

Well.. What a place! You can smoke a cigar or a pipe inside!! Yay! They also have a very cool looking members club cigar lounge.. Very old school and am sure it has heard/seen some pretty wild things in its history!! The characters turning up looked pretty fantastic.. All with a shared passion.. To smoke.. X

So… A heap of deliberation with a great guy called Keith.. Really was a fantastic retail experience.. Have finally ended up with a Peterson Dalky pipe, from the homeland.. X

Tobacco that you can only get from this store yet they ship around the world.. This is going to be for those special moments and for walking Mr Wentworth.. Cool! X crazy rain here also! Violent storms tomorrow they say.. The weather news on the telly is great here x

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