Month: July 2014

Beef kinda bourguignon

I found this big lump of topside in one of the freezers.. It’s not my favourite roasting joint and I had forgotten to portion it onto more manageable lumps! So a few things.. A chilli type affair.. That will have… Read More ›

Mr Fitz goes POP!

Remember that elderflower champagne? The one made from the hedgerows in our garden? So simple the recipe.. Scarily simple! Elderflower heads.. Sugar.. White wine vinegar (just a splash)..lemon juice and rind and water.. That’s it! No yeast? Nope no yeast….. Read More ›

The mighty pasty!

Behold the mighty pasty! Again not going to go into the ‘historics’ of the pasty nor the consistent battle of ingredients and cultural differences! Sheesh! Who would figure that it was so complicated to just write about a handheld ‘turnover’!!!… Read More ›

Simple steak supper

Such a simple delight this steak supper.. Sometimes it’s best just to let the meat do the talkings .. Starting with a very fine cut of steak from butcher Dave.. Aged beautifully The only thing with it was there was… Read More ›

Porky goodness.. Ribs!

Feeling all American .. The wings were great .. after wings though must come ribs.. A great rack of ribs from butcher Dave.. Got him to whip off that paper like piece on the underside .. it’s really worth doing… Read More ›

Double baked potatoes

Double baked spuds are the best .. I reckon so anyways.. Rubbed with mrs Middletons Lebanese pimped herb oil . Dusted with fine sea salt , skewered and into the oven on the rack ., They would to be fair… Read More ›