Breakfast lamb curry with nigella breads

Is it wrong to have the delicious curry you made for the following mornings breakfast?

Do you have to have cereals, smoothies, toast and pastries and the like? Nah not in my book.. We have all must have eaten last nights take-out in the following morning right?

Well with a wonderful tub of leftover lamb curry in the fridge, I just need to make some fresh flatbreads..

I got these breads nailed now I reckon.. Although this time I used chappati flour.. Same recipe..

Two cups of flour
Teaspoon of baking powder
Half teaspoon of salt
Two thirds of a cup of water
A quarter cup of olive oil

And added nigella seeds..

Made into the dough.. cut into eight.. Left to get its game on..

Rolled out the little balls whilst chef ping was taking care of heating the curry back up..

The breads were delicious! They take no time at all.. I swear I will never buy a store bought flatbread again!

The best thing about adding the olive oil is that you don’t have to dust your surface or pin with flour.. They don’t stick!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this left over breakfast dish… Tho -row -lee.. 20140719-141944-51584181.jpg





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13 replies

  1. Cereal for breakfast or meat for breakfast? Meat will win every time! I’m with you, Mr. Fitz. Takeout over muffins for me! I love how easy those flatbreads look!


  2. Left over curry for breakfast is second only to left over pizza. Magic.


  3. I would have this for breakfast without a second thought, Delicious and I love that nigella bread. The bread with the curry is a great breakfast!



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