Month: February 2014

Sooooper Sunday lunch!

You remember the pie club joint? Turns out they also do Sunday lunch. Proper English Sunday roast.. We couldn’t wait! Mrs Fitz decided we were going at midday for first servings.. So off we drove.. We were the first and… Read More ›

Beef rib supper..

Still going through the using up of that delightful Hereford beef .. So here goes it with another beef cooking!! (Going for turkey this Sunday , for a change!) Great beef seasoned with pimped up Mrs Middletons roscoff garlic oil….. Read More ›

Mrs Fitz Greek yoghurt bread

Mrs Fitz makes exceptional bread.. Truly exceptional.. Not often enough I reckons!! It’s hearth bread.. Proper homemade bread.. Equally delicious with butter, jam or meat.. A bread for soup of stew.. Toasted in the morning.. An almost cake like quality….. Read More ›

Camel Burgers

Originally posted on Food Ninja:
As much as I was holding out for Camel Steaks or a roast, I gave in and bought the only Camel meat available at the supermarket, Camel Burgers. They were nice, reminded me of rump…

Fish cake sandwiches..

An suffering from fluey like symptoms.. No it is not ‘man-flu’ .. It is an annoying bugger of a thing.. A cheerey easy snack was required.. Something Valium inducing. Looking on the fridge of magic .. Ahaha!! Fish cakes,, righty… Read More ›

Super sausage Saturday !

Saturday turned into an afternoon of making provisions.. Firstly I bagged up all that pheasant for Mr Wentworth and Cora Murley.. Who both incidentally have decided that they are ‘off’ pheasant right now!! So into the freezer went 34 parcels… Read More ›

Pulled pork hand

Do piggies have hands. Yup yes indeedy and it’s a great cut of meat for pulled pork and also your butcher should charge you hardly any money for it.. Well some money yet not pork prices!! So got this beautiful… Read More ›

Lunch in Paris ..

Needed to eat as last post!! Blood sugars crashing hard!! Saw a great gourmet burger truck outside in the street.. Stole the opportunity to purchase and snaffle.. A real good steak hache in a brioche bun.. Green stuff and tomatoes….. Read More ›

Military dinner in Paris

Went to the military officers building thing here in Paris … Good building.. Bad food.. Sorry I have to say it again .. Bad food A really strange starter of salmon trimmings with canned mandarins.. With a mascarpone coffee flavoured… Read More ›

Baked Salmon

We had a really long walk, for us, about 5 miles, It took us just over an hour. We felt great but took the bus back, using our senior bus passes. Feeling quite knackered after that so looked for something… Read More ›