The candy man. ..

There is a sweet secret I am going to share.. A REAL sweet secret indeed..

A little while back I went to see an engraving pal of mine.. And he shared with me this secret.. A store that sells under the counter sherbet lemons..

Handmade by a 78 year old genius!!

Now I am a sucker (accuse the pun) for a sherbet lemon.. And a ha made one??? Really??

Well I just had to find this store.. Yet what to do? How is he gonna know that I am legit and looking to score?

Ahhh.. Keep one of the five sherbet lemons in the baggie .. And after the gentle skirt around subjects.. Kinda dangle it and hope that he hooks me up…

So that’s the master plan..

I entered the tiny store..

Made small talk…

Produced the baggie…

It worked!! His eyes lit up and he knew I needed the sugar…

Very strange character.. Ain’t the best dealers always!! He’s been in the game for a long time and really knows his stuff.. He had jars of what can only be described as jewels .. Luminescent , sparkly , technicolored , amazing .. It was a real trip..

He weighed out the lemons… I bought the lot.. When the sugar is this good it’s worth keeping a stash right? Am sucking in one whilst writing this.. They are THE business!!

Turns out his supplier is indeed a 78 year old genius … That refuses to use modern chemicals and methods of production.. This is some top grade candy I tell ya.. The chap also invented the sweet that was in chatty chitty bang bang.. and was an advisor on willy wonka.. Both movies.. ( I reckon they just wanted a top grade candy dealer on set? Ahem !)

I also purchased the most fantastical West Indian limes.. As I stood there sucking on my free ‘hit’.. A warm glow running through my body.. A stoopid grin on my face.. I took the lot of them too… A mighty fine candy..

I paid handsomely .. Almost forgetting to take my change.. Stuffing the rolled up paper bags deep intro my coat pockets.. Then taking a few out for the journey home.. Putting the rest under the spare in the boot/trunk.. You get it right?

He also told me to call ahead next time I made the long journey to check that he had a stash .. I have only just realised that he didn’t give me his number….

Feck… My stash just got more precious.. FECK!!!!





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16 replies

  1. These are just sweets, right? As in like legitimate sweet shop. Described as more like drugs.


  2. I’m a freelancer making a website for Jimmy’s Sweets sweet shop in Uxbridge, who uses sweets made by the man mentioned in the story. In order to advertise the hand-made element can I use your photos of production on the website? It is currently at for the time being.



  3. I had no idea what a sherbet lemon was until I Googled it just now! It looks like a candy that we call LemonHeads. I think Sherbet Lemons is a much nicer name!! 🙂


  4. ooh I do love Sherbet Lemons. Make sure you keep me some!



  1. The intriguing story of the sherbet lemon « Cooking with Mr Fitz

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