Month: August 2013

Lunch at STK

‎Had a lunch meeting today.. in STK.. I recall Father sending me a terrible review written by Jay Rayner in the Guardian.. awful and very unfair I reckon.. it is what it is.. a very expensive steak house!! Is it… Read More ›

Gyros/doner test

Have brought a few slices to the pub.. this was the ultimate test for the meat.. Brought six samples.. five people took it home for tea.. so no update till later.. yet one went for it.. And LOVED IT!! Quote… Read More ›

Chinese quick supper

Needed a quick supper.. hmmm.. really cannot decide! Ah-ha! Got it.. noodles.. have some good freezer meats.. gone for some leftover duck.. some left over marmalade ham.. cool.. add some cabbage, scallions, peas, garlic and ginger.. plus a handful of… Read More ›

Those darn injuns!

‎We had the remainder of the Indian tonite.. The beef madras with green beans.. the chicken saag with spinach and fenugreek.. And Mrs Fitz *GOLD*.. rotis.. man they are preee-tea darn fine I tell ya x Wonderful supper.. x


‎Ran outta onions.. an garlic.. Hmmm.. Decided to go back to the wonderful PYO in ivinghoe.. bit disappointing really.. ‎.. the spuds not growing anymore.. yet the onions albeit not growing in the ground.. we searched the wasteland.. like a… Read More ›

Eating the ribs

‎Popped over to my mate Ben’s house.. he fired up the ‘Q’ and cooked up the ribs.. added some slaw.. fresh of course.. with a ranch dressing.. Salad dressing.. honey and mustard and garlic, olive oil of course and salt… Read More ›

Ribs!! (again)

‎More ribs.. pressure cooked again.. am diggin the pressure cooking yet.. hmmm.. am missing that long slow cook that happens in the oven or ‘Q’.. sure it works and must thank my pal Jack for turning me onto it.. I… Read More ›

Cork wings

‎Mrs Fitz and sister Carol have gone out for lunch.. these wings are superb.. like ‘proper’ superb.. from Douglas the east village.. Chicken wings are delicious.. delicious indeed.. only when done well mind.. nothing worse than bad rubbery wings.. nothing….. Read More ›

Cottage pie

‎It’s rainy here.. like really rainy.. need some comfort food.. something to warm me up and feel nourishing.. it’s still hot though.. so you have a kinda tropical feel about the place.. Mr Wentworth happy with his bone.. I decided… Read More ›

Makin’ Bacon..

‎Mr Fitz home cured Hickory bacon is on again.. just cured up the loin.. rind on this time.. feedback from the last lot was brilliant! So let’s wait the week.. turning it every day.. Can’t wait! X

Old Dubliner Sausages

‎Just cooked up some of the Old Dubliners.. they rock! Great taste, really savoury and sausagey… crisp and slightly charred.. with a good dollop of Stokes Ketchup..‎ this was a delicious scooby snack.. all in the name of tasting of… Read More ›

Great lunch!

‎Had a great lunch today.. a great lunch with a good pal.. ok.. so it was a business meeting yet it always is nice to take them with friends huh? So off to the Chinese warehouse amazing place.. full of… Read More ›

Chicken saag two..

‎Had the rest of that chicken saag.. what ever happens when those flavors meld together overnite is just tremendous.. the taste gets better and more intense.. not like a ‘shock’ to the mouth, yet more rounded and deeper? Different flour….. Read More ›

Chicken saag

‎Dunno why right now… yet am all about the injun.. So went for chicken saag.. with methi (fenugreek) and spinach.. sweated down onions in ghee.. ok.. it ain’t that good for ya.. yet c’mon now.. ghee is good.. let me… Read More ›

Birthday cakes

‎A nice birthday weekend for many.. Ben’s kid Oscar.. my Attorneys kid Zac.. and a watermelon cake.. yup watermelon.. a watermelon dressed as a cake for Jack’s grandson.. Good on yall! X


‎Pressure cooked a bunch of ribs today.. it really does work.. get the pot to pressure and let it whistle away for 28 or so minutes.. release the steam.. and wah-la.. they are soft and done liked you had cooked… Read More ›

Chicken and Ranch

‎Dinner for us? Well after the heavy duty spuds at lunch something lite.. ok.. pre packaged an very un Mr Fitz.. Yet kinda nice.. quick and low down.. ya getme? X

Liz amsterdam Parathas

‎Smoking a pancake in amsterdam? Nah.. eat paratha instead baby x Smoking the paratha.. welcome to amsterdam.. Nice one Liz.. good cooking.. look flaky and delicious.. need ghee though.. trust me.. x One love ( in that Mr Bob Marley… Read More ›

Indian take two..

‎Had the injun food again for tea.. and it was even better! This time also had some rice.. fried some onion.. with some masala, added some peas and a ready to rock rice.. fried quick.. a perfect addition.. fresh breads… Read More ›

Injun food..

‎As a direct by-product of colonialism.. cooking Injun food should be pretty straight forward for me! Well it never has been for some reason.. and never have been a fan of eating it anywhere apart from with Mama! Guess that… Read More ›

Pulled pork.. at last!!

‎Wowsers what an evening.. front door lock suddenly broke.. something snapped inside.. and Mrs Fitz snapped also.. Hiscox.. our wonderful insurers said they would send someone within the hour… it actually took 5 yup 5 hours to complete.. Post midnite….. Read More ›

Chorizo Navarran style?

Oh and the pics huh!! Oops! New Crackberry.. sorry x From: Sent: Wednesday, 7 August 2013 20:01 To: Cooling with Mr Fitz Subject: Chorizo Navarran style?


Am on this sausage making.. reckon these could be good.. after a pretty in depth conversation with my butcher (who is also England’s best apprentice butcher she has won an award for that!), I have some new gooey eyed deers….. Read More ›

Fritters and lamb

Made some lovely ‘pakoras’ or ‘fritters’ .. Use up veg time.. Carrots, onions, garlic, zucchini, peas, red cabbage.. Whooped up the batter with a mix of gram flour and double dragon flour.. Fry.. Very nice.. With a little lamb steak… Read More ›

Breakfast sausage

Decided to make some breakfast sausage.. Belly pork outta the freezer.. Trimmed.. Mrs Fitz whizzed it up for me.. Added sage & onion stuffing mix as the rusk-meets-flavor town ingredient.. Some paprika, smoky and sweet, some dulce figue and a… Read More ›