Month: August 2013

Lunch at STK

‎Had a lunch meeting today.. in STK.. I recall Father sending me a terrible review written by Jay Rayner in the Guardian.. awful and very unfair I reckon.. it is what it is.. a very expensive steak house!! Is it… Read More ›

Gyros/doner test

Have brought a few slices to the pub.. this was the ultimate test for the meat.. Brought six samples.. five people took it home for tea.. so no update till later.. yet one went for it.. And LOVED IT!! Quote… Read More ›

Chilli sauce with that?

‎I like a gyros.. or doner kebab.. as per Sundays post.. people slate ’em.. that late nite drunk soaker upper.. usually bought by a mistake..! And feeling bad in the morning!.. and the smell! Wowee woo woo! ‎ So.. what… Read More ›

Chinese quick supper

Needed a quick supper.. hmmm.. really cannot decide! Ah-ha! Got it.. noodles.. have some good freezer meats.. gone for some leftover duck.. some left over marmalade ham.. cool.. add some cabbage, scallions, peas, garlic and ginger.. plus a handful of… Read More ›

Those darn injuns!

‎We had the remainder of the Indian tonite.. The beef madras with green beans.. the chicken saag with spinach and fenugreek.. And Mrs Fitz *GOLD*.. rotis.. man they are preee-tea darn fine I tell ya x Wonderful supper.. x