Injun food..

‎As a direct by-product of colonialism.. cooking Injun food should be pretty straight forward for me! Well it never has been for some reason.. and never have been a fan of eating it anywhere apart from with Mama! Guess that what happens when you have a great cook like Mama.. she wrote a cookbook way back in the early eighties.. a real nice guide to making simple easy Indian vegetarian food.. great little book..x

Well I don’t cook much Injun food.. Mrs Fitz likes it yet I have never really got on with it.. sure a masala dosa done right is just heavenly.. and who can’t resist crisp and fluffy pakoras.. witha good dollop of ketchup? And samosa chaat? With chana salad and lsd colored sauces?? WOW!
(actually maybe I like Injun food more than I think! X)

Where did Tonites supper begin? At the local store.. they had a cauliflower and a bag of small spuds on reduced price and still in good condition.. what to make? Had to be Aloo Gobi… was my fave as a child.. and saw me well into growing into Mr Fitz.. probably saved me a few times also!! it has to be the only thing that makes a cauliflower sing out.. I don’t do cheese so sorry to those cauli cheese fans.. and I really have never understood it when pureed… why not just have the mash spuds you actually want? !!

So Aloo gobi it is then.. recipe? From the soul brothers an sisters.. umm actually more like a head scratch to remember! Onions.. last of those ones we dug up a while back.. garlic and ginger paste.. green chilli.. all softened together in ghee.. that heartstoppingly wonderful product that. unfortunately just takes this kinda simple cooking into another dimension!

Also added amchoor powder, (dried mango powder. Again another layer of flavor), coriander seeds, nigella seeds, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, salt, garam masala, and kashmir masala (out of turmeric must get some).. ‎all fried up.. spuds peeled and chopped, cauli florreted.. into pan.. plus a can of chopped tomatoes.. and a smudge of stokes ketchup x leave till pots tender..maybe a few cups of water to stop it sticking.. slo slow heat also with a diffuser..x

And for the carni course? Had some great strips of lamb from the store that happened to move location so although upset still I have no other choice yet to shop there.. again great meat.. reduced.. gone for a very regally feeling and eating dish.. fried lamb in ghee (this is why I don’t eat it that much!).. took out.. addition of the staples… onion garlic ginger paste.. spices? rogan josh masala.. dried fenugreek, salt, mustard seeds, fennel seeds, cumin seeds.. ‎and a wonderful deep savoury tomato and chilli sauce from the freezer.. plus more amchoor powder for the extra tartness.. a squeeze of lemon.. and 6 lumps of frozen spinach.. man this is good!

Left it all to do its low heat thing.. then turned off..

Mrs Fitz kindly mixed the dough for the chapatis.. an I cooked em.. Mrs Fitz was home now so I was not allowed to smear them with more ghee.. yet was allowed a little butter.. x

Reheated Aloo gobi and lamb number.. and ate with happiness.. ‎Mrs Fitz asking twice if Mama had been over to help.. which she hadn’t.. she’s on hols..

Good food this.. and loads left.. amazing how far a reduced cauli.. reduced bag of spuds and some great reduced welsh lamb can go.. x

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