Injun food..

‎As a direct by-product of colonialism.. cooking Injun food should be pretty straight forward for me! Well it never has been for some reason.. and never have been a fan of eating it anywhere apart from with Mama! Guess that… Read More ›

Arabian lunch

Had this lebanese marinated lamb in the freezer, took it out and left to defrost.. Put into pre-heated oven for 6 mins only.. Meantime empty (ahem x) tub of good store bought salad.. Take out hot mexican peppers.. Sauces.. Open… Read More ›

Lamb Biryani ??

Mrs Fitz still sick.. That cough is now grating.. Me? YUP! Her? Probably worse.. Mr Wentworth? Is cool, he has made a few mistakes today yet heck.. Still a puppy? X Gone for a lamb, ricey dish that never stops… Read More ›