Jumping gyros batman!! Dancing doner! Sunday confession.. Fakeaway

It’s Sunday .. So a great time for confession.. My confession.. Umm well it’s not harming anyone.. I don’t think you can go blind from it.. ( I hope not anyways!!)..

I just can’t help making the MOST frickin delicious doner kebab .. Or yiros , gyros .. Or whatever other name you have for this delightful pleasure..

This is FAKEAWAY at its best!

I really have indeed nailed this.. and this one did not let me down.

Whizzed up two kilos of minced breast of lamb.. The perfect cut for this as it had a great fat to meat ratio..

Whilst being whizzed about in the Jamie Oliver food processor.. Adding the secret blend of Me Fitz herbs and spices.. And rusks.. No wAter required ala bangers..

Once into the kind if gloppy looking goo ( the kind of look that people you tubs about the horrors of processed foods..) YET my friends! WE know that THIS gloop is all natural gloop ..

Pressed into tins. Baked for 30 mins.. Turned out .. Baked for a further 30 mins..

Wrapped and cooled outside..just far away enough from curious hound noses.

Then sliced on the slicer. And cut into those strips that are oh so wonderful hugged in pitta.. Oh feck.. I just dribbled ..

Now the ideal sauce for this is as follows. Don’t ask me how it whirls it just does.. Please do try it:

250g of red ketchup
50g of mint sauce
A pinch of chilli
A drop of milk

Mixed to taste.. Or if you want an easy version..take three to four sachets of ketchup, one of mint sauce and one of the UHT milk/cream cartons you get given when for some reason fresh milk won’t keep? Anyways .. Brilliant for this recipe..

I vac packed the meat into double size portions.. It’s cool..

That’s my Sunday confession x







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  1. You are such a serious cook. You’re like a chef or something. 🙂


  2. I just had serious foodpornage moment….Love the idea.I shall make when I am craving a doner kebab…



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