Breakfast ..quite simply.. break-fast

Still Eire..

get it?  Still here in Eire..  First the news.. Mrs Fitz’s passport has been located in the courtesy car.. YAY! 🙏🙏🙏👏👏👍👊✌️ Ok so drove to Kinsale after a breakfast of pancakes    Ahh no!!  First what happened is that this… Read More ›

Beans on toast

A simple lunch, supper , or even as an appetiser? A great snack anyways.. Of course the beans have to be heinz!! That’s a given right? Yet how to make em even better? Try this out.. Chopped white onion.. Garam… Read More ›

Middle bacon sarnies

Sometimes a bacon sandwich is just the ticket! A few things though.. No snotty bacon please!! Fresh French unsalted butter and I leave the always argued condiment choice to you.. Personally it’s red for us.. This bacon is awesome!! Middle… Read More ›

Mickey sandwich

Quick post here.. Yesterday was out wedding anniversary .. We had a lovely day.. No posts on supper nor lunch.. Yet breakfast.. Did you know though that Malaga was once in the running for eurodisney? Then ‘Paris’ got it instead… Read More ›

Cott-herds pie?

Cott -herds pie ? Huh? Ok let’s try it this way around lam-tage pie? You there yet? Some help? Well seeing as shepherds pie is lamb based and cottage pie is beef based this is a hybrid.. Why? First off… Read More ›

McMrFitz breakfast bun

Loosely based on that clowns breakfast offering.. Loosely indeed.. Taking the fine Italian sausages.. Turning them into breakfast patties by simply taking them outta the lamb casings.. After all that trouble of getting the darn things stuffed in the first… Read More ›

Breakfast at Balas

With our good friend Serena over from the Emerald Isle for the weekend, we have been having fun.. So a breakfast after a jaunt through the countryside was well in order! Arriving at the town of Bedford. With one porpoise… Read More ›

Sunday breakfast

I have a chap coming over to chop down some trees.. Unfortunately the apple tree has to come down.. It’s been overtaken by the ivy.. The apples have never really been good enough for eating.. The neighbours tree always seems… Read More ›

Makin bacon..

Are you fed up of ‘snotty’ bacon.. This kind that leaves a watery gooey mess in your pan? Or maybe you are fed up of paying the ridiculous prices for so called artisan bacon? Widely available at farmers markets and… Read More ›

Breakfast in bed

‎Mrs Fitz very kindly made me breakfast in bed today! The clocks have gone back in time.. and she awoke at a-stoopid-aclock.. x Japanese white tea.. scotch pancakes, porchetta grilled.. very lucky boy! I had two bed fellows though both… Read More ›

Morels and Mounties

‎Think the Mounties may be on to me! Perhaps the post about the thanksgiving was not good? X Breakfast at Morels though was nice.. of course donuts with home made jam.. covered in powdered sugar.. is naturally the best way… Read More ›


‎Best meal of the day they say… ? hmmm not my bestest meal of the day.. I think I prefer brunch and for sure supper! Mrs Fitz likes breakfast.. so I make her fruit yogurt and toast.. today with two… Read More ›

Makin’ Bacon..

‎Mr Fitz home cured Hickory bacon is on again.. just cured up the loin.. rind on this time.. feedback from the last lot was brilliant! So let’s wait the week.. turning it every day.. Can’t wait! X

Old Dubliner Sausages

‎Just cooked up some of the Old Dubliners.. they rock! Great taste, really savoury and sausagey… crisp and slightly charred.. with a good dollop of Stokes Ketchup..‎ this was a delicious scooby snack.. all in the name of tasting of… Read More ›

Chorizo Navarran style?

Oh and the pics huh!! Oops! New Crackberry.. sorry x From: Sent: Wednesday, 7 August 2013 20:01 To: Cooling with Mr Fitz Subject: Chorizo Navarran style?

Breakfast sausage

Decided to make some breakfast sausage.. Belly pork outta the freezer.. Trimmed.. Mrs Fitz whizzed it up for me.. Added sage & onion stuffing mix as the rusk-meets-flavor town ingredient.. Some paprika, smoky and sweet, some dulce figue and a… Read More ›

Home sweet home..

For now..x A great oak smoked bacon rasher sarnie.. Real butter.. Some red sauce.. White bread and a smile x (And a very cutey looking Mr Wentworth that didn’t get any in the end.. )

Homemade Merguez

This looks like a real good recipe.. i am thinking.. also put into sheeps casings these would be wonderful indeed… cool x TasteFood For this month’s Charcutepalooza event, we were challenged  to make our own bulk sausage, either as breakfast sausage,… Read More ›

First Chicago Breakfast

Have taken a walk prior to finding breakfast.. Found this place.. Through the most amazing revolving 1920’s doors.. Its on East washington.. 55 I think.. Asked the server what to have (was tempted by the Biscuits and sausage gravy..), instead…. Read More ›

Breakfast in Frankfurt

Breakfast.. Hotel breakfast.. A hit and miss affair! All around the world I have been fortunate enough to have experienced many breakfasts.. Most now seem to follow the ‘norms’… Fruits, not -really local varieties that look pretty yet not sweet… Read More ›

40th Birthday

Its my birthday today.. 40th birthday, off to Dubai to celebrate it and get away from the cold! Started the morning with cupcakes in bed.. With a nice cup of japanese white tea.. Have made lovely Toscana salami rolls with… Read More ›