Restaurant & hotel MATEA ixtapan

This is a great place.. And just right for my last meals in the state of Mexico..

The chef is cool and his team great..


They have a kitchen and surroundings to kill for!


The food was very good.. Mexican ingredients with a flavour that was not molecular . It was very good, unfortunately the light was not great .. Like not great at all so the shots of me & chef didn’t come out well.. Nor did the food shots.. You going to have to trust me here.. It was good .. Very good actually.. And after dutifully doing my interview for the ministry it was time for bed.. A great sleep in a lovely room..


Up early and off to breakfast . Very wholesome and delicious. Salad with balsamic is not really my idea if a breakfast .. Mrs Fitz would have loved it! .. It was very nice though.. And as I am time zoned all over the shop right now it seemed ok!


The Lima beans with chorizo was great! Move over tinned Heinz! There is a new sheriff in town!

All the food at MATEA is sustainable and organic and ecologically sound.. Etc etc etc..

The fruit was lovely with mexican honey and granola..

Check me out huh? Eating granola!!



Breakfast over time to go explore the hills.. And the mexican cowboy life..

Off to drive. .. Into the hills..


To see this very good horse.. Couldn’t quite understand as my mexican/Spanish is not the greatest.. Yet am told it’s very special.. It looked very strong.. (And .. Ahem.. Quite ‘meaty’..shhh )..


And this pony.. I didn’t know they were do cute! I reckon Mr Wentworth & Cora Murley would love to hang out with it!! Hmmmm


Oh and after praying .. I wish for one of these wonderful slicers for Christmas..


My chances ??? Umm limited I reckon.. Ah well..

Home soon..

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  1. Thank you for sharing your good experience in MATEA looking forward to see you one more time, so we can suprised you with new projects we’ve been working on since your visit.
    all the beat
    Martin Good & Isabel Pacanins.

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  2. Lol you say very naughty things sometimes and I love horses!!! Not in my stomach!!! Brekkie looks amazing and the room x


  3. How many pork pies would fit in a Ferrari? Or would horse drawn carriage work better? Again, safe travels, looks as if it was a great trip.



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