Edinburgh eats and the eclipse

Have been up to Edinburgh ..

Train on the way up.. It takes over five hours of old school shuddery squeaky head rockery pain.. Not actually that painful yet am sure you get the idea!! Nostalgic ? Nooo..

Started at the famous platform.. Yup that one.. ( there you go novice gardener!)..

It’s a complete random person in the shot yet the queue was too long to wait and get my pic!


And onto the train.. Shame that it was changed for an older one as the new ones ( I hear) are the biz-ness..

The food on offer on board?


Father went for the Indian ( watch for a ‘theme’ across this post!) . As he is being vege kinda these days..


I went for the pulled beef cottage pie..


I knew it would be wrong.. And it was.. Is good minced beef too expensive these days? Possibly ..

Of course you can get loads of free drinks including hard liquor yet as I was in abstaining though the third ginger ale was enough!!

So we arrived..

Went to eat at this great place.. Fast and good was the call here ..


It didn’t disappoint.. I added a piece of chicken to the dish yet I gotta say that the breads and the paratha in particular was delicious although all perhaps a wee bit salty..




Mad place with mad people all around.. Think that movie trainspotting.. Add drink business people plus sober construction workers.. A smattering of family asset rich international students .. You may be near it!!

Off to bed then up for a breakfast of delicious cardamom swedish rolls ..with green tea.. Take a mortgage out…


And then the eclipse .. Was it that magical? Umm sorry to say this yet nah.. Not a total eclipse .. The next one is 2090 in this part of the world?


A quick trip to see my new niece.. Gods bless her..


And a quick tour of the city.. It’s quite cute.. Maybe pretty perhaps .. Maybe it was just the sunshine !! A lot of hard stone about!! It’s clean though!

And apart from the obvious ? statues etc ..

I liked this one..


We then went an ate .. A cool place again one f those ones that is locally famous minus the touristic trappings..

Mother india .. You heard of it? No me neither .. I do wish that chef Tony Singh had not made that bad business decision .. It would have been great to have eaten his food.. Ahh well Mother India was good food..

Baby aubergines, a makhani dhal that was not a scratch on the one in Ajman yet tasty, a mint lamb dish that was interesting and popadoms ..

Remember dont attack them prior to the rest of the food coming out.. Try it and trust me..



Mother india done and enjoyed.. Good shout that one..

Hitting the hard walled streets again.. Taking in some sights.. Like this place that specialised in just one thing..


I watched the query from across the street they were turning them out! Good proposition in a good place.. Clever.. Not keen on the branding though.. It’s doing something right though..

And one of these of course!

A scotch pie .. Beef trimmings fat and potato.. Heavily seasoned with white pepper.. That’s the thing about what I see in Edinburgh that I suppose surprised me.. Lots of spices being used.. A heap of Middle Eastern type food.. Very interesting .. The scotch pie was not distasteful at all..


Off to this old school type of Italian deli.. Am sure before the days of now where worldly foodstuffs are pretty much available to us all it would have been a real eyeopener, yet now.. Not really.. Good breads and meats though so a sandwich for the plane is in order.. A couple slices of mortadella, some fennel salami, a wafer thin slice of lardo and four sundried tomatoes with a little if the oil.. All squished together , perfecto!



The train took over five hours.. The plane just one, the sandwich was delicious..

Edinburgh? If you are out that way then go for a visit.. If it means a huge detour to your travel plans.. Have a long think about it first…

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14 replies

  1. There are some awesome places in to eat in Edinburgh! Just 30 mins away from where I stay. Although if you want friendlier people and a better atmosphere go to Glasgow.

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  2. The eclipse in our part of the world occurred while I was in Arizona last Saturday morning at 4 am. I had meant to get up to watch but stayed up visiting my Dad who until 2 am and fell asleep without seeing it.


  3. It all looks soooo good. Oink would’ve had me I think 🙂

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  4. Your little neice is just adorable, I think you should have your own food and travel show,

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  5. The niece looks adorable! I love little babies! And that famous platform wouldn’t let me in the last time I was there. The one in Florida DID! You seem to know exactly where to go to get the right kind of food anywhere in the world! 😃

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  6. Thanks for the virtual trip to Edinburgh, Mr. Fitz! It appears beyond the bumpy train ride a good time was had. LOVE the photo of your angelic, beautiful niece…very sweet. 🙂

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  7. Nice post. Good visit.


  8. Looks like a a great foodie trip. Love Edinburgh. And you neice looks like a little angel 🙂 congrats!


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