Roast loin of porkiness

Remember that great cut from the Wollaston butchers? No? Ok.. It was this one ..


Actually not that cut yet offa the same antibiotic free range blythworth pig..

Roasted up a treat!

Just 180 degrees in the oven for the time it takes to walk to the pub, have two pints and a bit of a chinwag .. And walk through the door home to a great aroma and this..


Stunning bit of meat..

A gravy made up with veal jus ( one there for you Peter!).. Mustard with horseradish.. And some wild thyme..


A little squeeze of the porcini cream sauce just to add even more delishshooshnooss to the party..


Roasties and croquettes and cabbage and red Brussels as the veg side of things.. All the plates and dishes kept warm over that veg pan.. Be careful his you stack em yet it works!


An old skool style supper full of flavour and good eating..


Pudding was a French salted caramel tartlet and a lemony one.. With a cup of tea.. That’s my version of the eclipse.. I don’t think Cora Murley quite understood what I was trying to tell her..



Ahh well .. She understood these.. (As did Mr Wentworth..!!!!!).. 👏


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15 replies

  1. loved the title – like freerange organic! Dont usually eat pork but this does look yummy, and I do eat pulled pork belly sandwiches off the food truck at San Fran pier – highly recommended if you ever happen to be that far afield 🙂


  2. I don’t understand how that pork could be cooked in15 minutes 😜🍻

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  3. ‘Tis but a flesh wound! 😉 Great looking meal…

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  4. Your pork looks amazing! What in the heck did you do to your fingers? Looked like the butcher got a hold of them?

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