Multiple pork dishes from one cooked piggy

having managed to score a great couple of kilos of excellent free range shoulder of Berkshire pork, it was a wonder of what to do with it.. Hmm

Well first thing is to split it up a little.. one third getting a rub of big red seasoning .. And skewered up.. 

This is dish one..

Big red rubbed pork kebabs in Greek yoghurt flatbreads with Turkish pepper, red onion and tomato salsa

Skewered up.. Cooked on the optigrill .. 


The breads made very simply.. Just remember this rule .. Same amount in weight of flour to yoghurt.. A pinch of salt too..

 Expertly rolled out by Mrs Fitz and cooked on the flat iron pan..

Till puffy light and lovely !

Stored in the smuggled back from Rajasthan keeper warmerer..

Adding the salsa


Squeezing the tomatoes makes the pips and juice disappear , just make sure you do it over the bin!

A drop of extra Greek yoghurt mixed with salt, lemon juice and fat French garlic makes this a delicious meal!

Rightyhoo.. The rest of the flesh is cooked down nice and slo in the creuset .. with just the addition of a pork broth stock cube and some reverse osmosis water ..

Squeezed out that’s one superb pot of toast porky delight! The gloop reserved for future use too of course!

It’s going to form the basis of a number of meals.. The first being these Kung PO noodles..

Chopped spring onions , Turkish pepper and some tatsoi fried off hard in the uncle bens wok..


Udon noodles for Mrs Fitz and the more regular ( ok I admit it I have forgotten what they are called!)..ones for me.. Blue dragon Kung PO sauce finishes them off nicely as does a good shake of Japanese soy sauce .. That stuff is so so good!


Porked out yet?


Another meal.. 

Those big red rubbed skewers are a calling!

Cooked off sans skewers with some Turkish pepper and white onion..

Cooked in the optigrill.. Then chopped up..

Hard corn tacos cooked expertly by chef ping.. 

The remaining yoghurt sauce from the first outing..


And some chef ping classic spicy rice!

Wow! That was tasty!

There you go.. 

A selection of porky delights.. And more to be enjoyed soon! It really does make sense to cook up an amount like this sometimes..  



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