Simply baked spuds, masala beans, mutton chilli…

Having a good stash of leftover foodstuffs in the freezer is always a bonus.. and having found one of Mrs Fitz’s excellent mutton chillies then that’s supper sorted!

The potatoes are simply stabbed up , rubbed with olive oil and dusted with fine salt. baked all the way through.. no chef ping intervention this time around.. and no double stuffing, we are going old school.. 

And we all know there’s no a school like the old skool right? 👊

Having decided that I would dutifully let Mrs Fitz enjoy the #mutton chilli, defrosted and warmed gently …

I went for masala beans..
Onion ginger and garlic fried off.. A chopped tomato added.. 

Then a nice sprinkle of garam masala and touch of chilli and adding beans.. To be honest here go for the cheaper end of the baked beans.. the masala mix flavours in up perfectly 


The potatoes cut and buttered.. 


Just the addition of some Greek yoghurt with coriander and cumin for Mrs Fitz’ mutton chilli 
Sure no beauty prizes here..just honest to goodness lovely tasting supper 

And that’s very cool in my book 


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