Month: March 2013


I think Chuck going well and feck those crinkly spuds are looking sweet.. Father just mailed though.. “Chicken roast is 30 mins plus 20 mins for every 500 grams at 200 🙂 xx” Thanks Amsterdam.. X Just gonna turn it… Read More ›

Uncle Wallys Red sauce

Uncle Wally.. What can you say.. Wonderful chap, bon viveur .. countryman, gourmand extrodinaire .. Well seasoned , marinated and blinkin well traveled… Plus married to another very good friend who is the frenchest mediterranean (amazing jewish salad maker) ….. Read More ›

Fish sticks & Salad

Yeah ok.. Gurls that like boys that like gurls that like boys… Bollox.. Anyhoo.. Those that know me know I don’t do fish.. Not really.. Maybe in batter with a coastal breeze? (And not a frickin ‘Heston’ number worth an… Read More ›

Toad in the Hole

Gotta love toad in the hole.. Its got it all… Meaty, fluffy, crunchy, squidgy, just makes you smile.. Yet how to make a good one? Loads of recipes out there, and some bizarre twists.. resting the batter for hours.. Spinning… Read More ›

Those aubergines..

Remember those lovely italian aubergines? Yeah .. I just did when opening the fridge.. Mrs Fitz didn’t want my lovely hickory smoked ribs.. And yes.. That smoke gets EVERYWHERE! Bit like sand I suppose .. Although haven’t checked my underwear… Read More ›

Ribs! Glorious Ribs!

You gotta love good ribs… There is something quite naughty about them, something that takes you back to being primeval.. Like you shouldn’t really be eating them.. Let alone sucking and chewing and eating them up like a contented dog….. Read More ›

Afternoon tea

My lovely wife is making afternoon tea for us.. This is the first part.. Shortbread (rounds made by an egg cup).. They are FREAKING deeee -LISSHH us x Victoria sponge and scones to follow.. Have some lovely cornish clotted cream… Read More ›

Cork Moussakkakka

Just a quick post.. My lovely sister in law in Cork Eire.. Very happy with her cooking.. And Mother-in-laws Irish beef.. (Although she doesn’t know the recipe) x

Dubai Mall food

Went for a wander last nite, well I say wander.. You can’t really wander till you get to the Mall!! Yet they have a WAITROSE!! Yup indeed.. Now that is a temple to food! After a good walk around looking… Read More ›

Lebanese food for supper

After a long journey and not much sleep for the last 24hrs.. We just went and had some DEE-LISSI-SHUSS Lebanese food in Zabeel saray.. A wonderful Mezze consisting of salads, breads humous and grilled meat.. Finishing with a weird kinda… Read More ›

40th Birthday

Its my birthday today.. 40th birthday, off to Dubai to celebrate it and get away from the cold! Started the morning with cupcakes in bed.. With a nice cup of japanese white tea.. Have made lovely Toscana salami rolls with… Read More ›