Duck Confit part 2?

Happy St Patricks weekend, that big in our house.. X

Had a busy day today, should have ‘face-timed’ my Father (other postings) yet was real tied up with work stuff! Not gonna bore you with that as the Duck confit I was waiting on comes first! Tnot like family first, more food first!).. X


After that over 24 hour cure, (was a little late in dealing with this) had a tandoori chicken to overcome first!) See other postings..

I took out the duck legs and rinsed them through isomerised water, that has to be the purest, despite getting a water bill that tells me that we have 99.97 good water… What happened the …3?

Had a hidden supply of goose fat in one of the top cupboards.. Thought it would take one yet it needed two.. Can you confit with mix poultry fats? Feck knows! Going for it anyways.. X

Added two cans.. Put in oven at 85 degrees that’s after looking at a heap of recipes.. None of them that helpful!

Anyways they all seem to state at least 3 hrs at above temp.. Cool, thank the gods for my Italin oven.. Its VERY cool ! X cooks real well..

So .. In-between making tandoori chicken and watching the red nose thing.. (Is that only the UK? And WHY isn’t Lenny Henry appearing? Something to do with Dawn French? Who Nose :ahahhhah x)

Back to confit..

Have given it the allotted time, perhaps, put the legs into the jar.. Opened another can of goose grease, added it.. Now let’s wait the magic month for it to do its thang..

I really REALLY hope this pans out for me.. I LOVE duck confot and the money invested in making this versus buying a good can from Harrods is kinda close x

ONE MONTH From now.. To infinity and beyond.. (Nah that’s pants)

Nite nite x

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