Freezer foraged Tail fillet Lebanese inspired supper.. with the first wild garlic shoots

You know what.. sometimes you just cannot think of what to title these posts.. well tail fillet Lebanese inspired supper.. hmm well that is indeed what it was!

After a freezer forage.. a very good piece of beef fillet was sourced.. 

This is the pointier end , therefore the tail! 

Defrosted.. sliced and cooked fast in Mrs middletons straight up oil in the uncle bens 17 year old wok!

The meat dusted in shawarma smuggled spice.. 

While that was going on.. lots more was happening too! 

Previously earlier in the day I went looking for wild garlic.. sure it’s a little early.. well ok very early .. yet there was some.. 

so taking care to just snatch off a few leaves.. 

It’s the proudest part of the supper! natural yoghurt with Arabic spices, Viking smoked salt, cracked black long pepper, medium heat red chilli’s and olive oil .. yummy doodle doo!!!

A smudge of smoked store bought humous , a puddle of Harrissa oil .. a salad of nice bits .. think Scottish sweet carrots, french radishes, ruby red cos, big boy tomato and a continental onion.. and that’s the ‘condiments’ complete!

Next up to the plate.. a griddles aubergine , red onion and sweet and sour pomegranate sauce..

Having recently discovered these fabulous frozen grilled aubergines.. (after all we all know there is no such thing as an ‘eggplant’ right?.., 

Simply defrosted.. chopped.. mixed with the red onion, pomegranate sauce and fresh coriander .. (although cilantro may exist.. ahem..).. 


Yup.. store bought Lebanese bread.. heated on the iron pan stored in the smuggled bread keeper warmerer.. 

And the simple super supper was made!

Just how freakin tasty!???!

Yeah baby.. yeah..  

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  1. Having recently discovered these fabulous frozen grilled aubergines..

    Where?!! Xx

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