Month: October 2015

Leaving Las Vegas 

well I have left..   And you may have noticed an absence of posts.. I have to say that there really wasn’t anything of note that was worthy of a write! Seriously !!!!  Oh apart from this..   But apart… Read More ›

Baked Tandoori baby chickens

bit late this post.. Have been travelling.. More on that later! For now check these great baby chickens.. Skinned and spatchcocked. Marinated in a secret ( think ‘national’) blend of tandoori spices with extra garlic, ginger and lemon juice. A little… Read More ›

Lamb chops two ways

having picked up this fantastic rack of lamb from me pal Ben @redbornefarm    I decided to chop it up into chops.. Reasoning being that Mrs Fitz had made an excellent chermula (morrocany type sauce thingy).. And these chops were… Read More ›