Quick curry & breads in a hurry

quick and hurry? Well you can hurry yet not be quick right? 

So for this curry in a hurry start by frying pink onion and sweet heritage carrots.. 


Doesn’t take long… 

Baby button mushrooms chopped 

Into the pot with some peas.. And a jar of makhani sauce.. Sometimes a great jar from the store cupboard is just the ticket.. And I must say this one is superb!

A little water added as we as hit up with some green chilli from the freezer and fresh coriander., finally adding the last of the keema from the other day.. To be fair it’s a delicious vegan dish on its own. 


Curry in a hurry.. Done..

To go with? 

Flatbreads in a hurry also!  
Equal weight of flour to natural yoghurt. 


Into the processor.. And whizzed up into a dough.. 


No need to prove.. 

So rolled out.. 


And cooked on the iron pan.. 

Some popadoms cooked straighten the flames .. A tomato ad onion salad made.. A drop of mango chutney for extra sweetness on the crunch.. And some 0% Greek mixed with lemon juice , cucumber, salt , garlic and pepper.. 


Curry in a hurry y’all!  



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