Pats tomahawks 

Having our lovely godson helping us on the food trucks and generally being a complete and utter star!

He decided to treat us to some tomahawk steaks.. good lad! For those that want to know tomahawk steak equals freakin awesomeness .. 

Trimmed up and a paste made with jelly beef stock, oregano oil and other bits he decided not to share .. ( umm or  forgot perhaps.. ahem..).. 

Stabbing them with the medival Asian stabby tool ( usually reserved for disco ducks ).. helps the extra tenderness and gets some of that mix in the tomahawks.. 

Into the screaming hot iron pan.. then into a hot oven.. I think for about 8 mins max.. I at also whooped up some crispy truffle and beef dripping spuds for us.. delicious ‘by the roadside driveby scored’ new season spuds.. the food  trucks travel across middle England you see and we often pass by fabulous villages where the people leave out an honesty box of a mind boggling array of fresh home produce.. V lucky.. 

how was it ? 

Blinkin fabulous ! 

Pat really is a fabulous cook as well as one of the nicest guys to have around.. shucks we are real lucky he is around to help out! 

Oh and he has this cracking way of eating our fabulous hog roast sausage rolls .. 

catching all the crumbs.. 

mr Wentworth is pretty happy with this method for sure!

Nice one!

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