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I think this is genius!

While they may look convincingly like the much-loved vegetable, this sweet treat is anything but. Irish Potato Candy is cinnamon coated nuggets of cream cheese, coconut, and sugar– perfect for celebrating St. Paddy’s Day. St. Paddy’s Day is right around… Read More ›

1001 dishes in Arabia 

ok perhaps not that many..  We have been eating really rather well though.. Like all this..    Yeah! And all this…    And more! The standout dish so far?    This Irish stew made by a Persian chef… Seriously feckin… Read More ›

Hot diggity daags

where have I been? A bit busy.. That’s all I can reveal right now!  Yet here is a quick and simple post.  Take green onion and green pepper.. Chop up nice and small..    These are smaller gauge bockwurst.. I… Read More ›

Leftover curries

good thing about having loads of things cooked is the leftovers..  Just perfect for supper.. Fresh flatbreads made..  Chef Ping deals with the reheating..    And we just deal with the eating..   Perfect..      

Not humourus hummus 

decided to make hummus.. It’s easy right? Take chickpeas..    Get Mrs Fitz to spend almost an hour skinning them … That’s a job that’s a nightmare yet worth it..     Still doing it!   Then blitz with Tahini paste… Read More ›

Pork schitznel time

So what’s the story with the ‘headline’ picture? Well it’s my pals money tree and I have never seen one flower like this .. Anyone else?  i LOVE pork schitznel .. Like seriously love them.. Actually proffering them cold as… Read More ›

Flying home 

So it’s the last of the Indian adventures.. Time to fly home..  And I just say that this really is indeed the way to travel.. 😏 Great kebabs in the plane..     Served up with these amazing breads..    And… Read More ›

Bucks star mushrooms 

huh? Bucks star? What’s that all about? Well .. I ‘discovered’ this local brewery .. They make the beer using solar energy.. And only use organic ingredients., I mean seriously these chaps are at the forefront of something massive !… Read More ›


firstly let me tell you I have been waiting to attend this event for ages.. I missed it two years in a row..  Yet for my birthday back in March Mrs Fitz bought me an excellent gift of not only… Read More ›

Use up supper 

I love a good use up supper..  A chance to have small bites of those lovely leftovers..  We had some of that great belly pork leftover ..    Fried off with no oil in uncle bens wok that was spot… Read More ›

Salad days.. Part two morrocan carrots..  

Again on this salad trip.. And it’s a flavourful taste-full adventure for sure! Again taking inspiration from my blogger buddy Le petit paniere..  http://lapetitepaniere.com/2014/01/22/zrodiya-bel-kemoun-and-khobz-tajine/ Carrots.. Chopped and boiled.. In a pan add olive oil.. Harissa and cumin.. Warm that up….. Read More ›

Homemade butter 

yeah you read that right..  Homemade butter !!!  I tasted these wonderful sweet potatoe rolls in john Lewis .. Not in the cafe . In the demonstration area.. I love those things! ( missed the Magimix one ) ( don’t… Read More ›

Morrocan carrots

As promised here is the post on those delicious morrocan carrots..  These are wonderful carrots .. Scottish.. Delicious.. Simply chopped and boiled with sugar and salt.. ( more caster sugar than salt).. About ten minutes is perfect.. Then adding harrisa… Read More ›

Istanbul dinner 

we had a loooong day wandering.. Yet what a fabulous day .. Back in time to shower and use Nes Firz’s exceptional navigation in unfamiliar places , usually with a language barrier to boot skills.  Mrs Fitz really is sooper dooper… Read More ›

Pork, veg and rice.. Fast! 

Needed to cook this fast..  So pork shoulder chopped.. Inc rind and all… Into the uncle bens wok with a couple cloves of garlic.. Mixed veg.. Mrs middletons rapeseed oil.. And some brown basmati..     Cooked up on fierce heat.. … Read More ›

Mexican chorizo

So how does this start?  It started with a gift from my attorney. A hamper filled with Mexican goodies!    Which was pretty cool I reckon!  Yet where to start?  Start where you begin..  Decided on Mexican chorizo .. What… Read More ›

Still Eire..

get it?  Still here in Eire..  First the news.. Mrs Fitz’s passport has been located in the courtesy car.. YAY! 🙏🙏🙏👏👏👍👊✌️ Ok so drove to Kinsale after a breakfast of pancakes    Ahh no!!  First what happened is that this… Read More ›

Quick Italian eats

Sometimes store bought products are the perfect answer for a quick meal.. Great pasta and good sauce.. Perfecto ! A quick garlic bread made with yellow ticket petit pans. .. The local store to us now reduces their in house… Read More ›

Birthday Bakewell

As you probably know we don’t bake many sweet things in this household.. Yet .. It’s still my birthday weekend!! So Mrs Fitz asked what cake I wanted.. Well it just has to be Bakewell .. A little off piste… Read More ›

Chimchurri sauce..

It’s my birthday.. I like saying that.. It’s my birthday!! So first up some Chimchurri sauce .. Because I have some eatings planned for this weekend!! Chimchurri sauce its roots set out Argentinia way.. Many versions.. This is mine this… Read More ›

Beans on toast

A simple lunch, supper , or even as an appetiser? A great snack anyways.. Of course the beans have to be heinz!! That’s a given right? Yet how to make em even better? Try this out.. Chopped white onion.. Garam… Read More ›

Hunters beef

I have no gooey eyed deers as to why this is called hunters beef.. Am pretty sure someone can tell me! Yet that’s what it says in the packet.. So that’s what it is. .. One kilo of very fine… Read More ›

Elderflower champagne

As it’s festival weekend and fiesta friday what better than the most wonderful drink of elderflower champagne?? Ok.. I admit I have never actually made this before.. I reckons my pal the novice gardener will be impressed by my foraging… Read More ›

Spirit capturer.. Moi?

I am very happy that I seem to have been given the honour of being a spirit capturer.. Not in a spooky hooky kinda way .. Not In a crystal jangly kinda way either.. Yet simply for enjoying making eating… Read More ›

Camel Burgers

Originally posted on Food Ninja:
As much as I was holding out for Camel Steaks or a roast, I gave in and bought the only Camel meat available at the supermarket, Camel Burgers. They were nice, reminded me of rump…

Haggis Pakora

Originally posted on Grub Blog:
A delicious (and different) way to celebrate burns this weekend! Haggis pakora are real comfort food – spicy haggis coated in a thick batter spiked with nutmeg. Ensure you use good quality haggis and you can’t…

Chilli sausages

After the replacement part has been sent to me … I was hoping to be back to fully working order.. Yet no good, bah hum bugs x Gonna have to get back to the supplier and let’s try again.. It… Read More ›

Let’s go crazy!!

‎My attorney just contacted me to remind me it was actually ‘Let’s go Crazy’ by prince.. and that is far stranger to fall a stupor to indeed!! Hahha x Now why can’t I remember those words…??

Turkey sausages..

‎Ok.. you may be bored of Turkey.. or sitting their thinking/looking at a huge pile of bird in the fridge/pantry/sideboard.. this ain’t a post about use up poultry.. it’s a tale of Two Turkeys.. Two heavily discounted Turkeys!! Sitting comfortably?… Read More ›


Originally posted on From Belly to Bacon:
Cross Section of Cured and Dried Guanciale People say that bacon is a trend and, in my opinion, part of it is. Bacon, by itself, is probably more of a hanger on of the surge…

Lamb and redcurrant sausages

‎Have gone for some seasonal sausages.. the holiday season is in full swing.. the radio playing Christmas songs.. and you cannot get anywhere near a store without people seemingly panic purchasing!! Sheesh!! So gone for lamb and redcurrant sausages.. with… Read More ›

Atlanta.. raining!

Just arrived in Atlanta..‎and it’s raining! That’s cool.. am just gonna breeze on past.. connecting to West Palms.. should be sunny there! Good flight over from Delta.. no clowns to the left of me or jokers to the right.. empty… Read More ›