Gilbert’s Chicago dogs and canned chilli With nachos, Valentina and sour cream 

with shock still residing over the recent and quite sudden passing of my attorney and close friend it’s time to eat.. 

Eating is required in these times.. 

Eating helps.. It really does.. Or cooking at least.. Cleaning for Mrs Fitz.. Thinking food for me..

This is a guilty food.. Delicious and easy peasey..

Gilbert’s make excellent dogs.. And I think the best are their Chicago beef.. Plus add a storecupboard can of chilli that I have no idea why I bought it.. It has no nasties though so that’s cool.. 


Chopped and all heated up..

 Glamorous no.. Tasty yes.. 

Store bought salted corn chips.. Heated by chef ping.. 


Sour cream and Valentina sauce.. 


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  1. Sorry to hear about your attorney. I often make un glamorous yet tasty food! I think that looks good though!

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  2. Chili cheese dogs are the best. This is wonderful.

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