Rose Veal potstickers / gyoza .. with wings, Simple scratch suppers

potstickers, gyoza, dumplings.. 

What ever you want to call them they are great! And also a great way to keep your mind occupied .. 

Starting with rose veal loin.. Salvaged from the inside freezer ..

Smashed, slashed and pounded..


Then garlic, Chinese chives, )”(low choy).. Japanese soy, rice wine, Chinese pepper salt.. And probably other stuff..

 Then the wrappers.. 

Dumpling flour .. Simply mixed with water.. Squelched together then squished and cut.. 


It’s a lovely dough that even simply steamed would be delicious! 

Rolled .. Filling in the middle.. 

Water around the edges.. The pinched up..

A dipping sauce of loveliness .. There’s the ingredients minus salt and sugar right here..


The potstickers get fried to give the crisp bottom.. Then water splashed over and a lid on top to steam through..

I ate these with the last of the chicken wings.. 


I like this supper.. Yummy doodle doo!!


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  1. Yummy doodle do indeed!

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