Slo cooked belly pork with pouisson and black eyed bean miso gravy , Red potato mash and pork broth greens… #comfortfood

its cold.. Grey and cold.. Rainy and cold.. Did I mention that it’s cold? 

So it’s time to pull out those #winterwarmers and this one doesn’t disappoint! 

A half kilo stick of belly pork.. Rubbed in thyme and salt sat on a small rack and cooked lowish for a couple of hours.. then the oven turned up and a seasoned pouisson sat next to it. (not too close of course minding possible germs and all that.. ahem..).


A mash made simply by boiling chopped skin on red potatoes and adding French butter, maldon salt and white pepper.. am loving them right now!

The spring greens chopped and simmered in a small amount of pork broth.. They would be great just on their own! 


Finally that freakin wonderful gravy.. Carrots, brown onions and French purple garlic fries off in olive oil and a flutter of herb de Provence ..

Then the drained black eyed beans.. A great big dollop of organic red miso..

Water to loosen and then all crushed.. The crush I think is really needed.. I suppose it’s kinda like a super savoury Dahl thingy me jiggy.

That gravy alone is a stand up dish.. Yet when all popped into a dish..


 That makes for one of the most comforting suppers out there.. With leftovers… 👐


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