#tacotuesday it’s a wrap! Pibil spit roast pork and rotisserie chicken, buttermilk slaw and chimchurri

I really didn’t mean to make #tacotuesday a thing.. 

Yet it seems to just creep up on us! 


This outing used up some more of that wonderful spit roast free range pork stored in the inside freezer.. And also some pulled rotisserie free range chicken. Simply fried up with some pibil paste.. 


The pork gets a head start and turns super crispy and knarly.. the chicken staying soft and juicy.. Perfect!

The slaw is using red cabbage, white cabbage, iceberg lettuce, carrot and white onion.. Then hand shredded on then box grater..  

Buttermilk and smuggled Mexican chilli and line powder , some nigella and caraway seeds, a pinch of sugar and salt.. 

It sits a while before being squeezed out.. See all the juice?

The juices  not reserved this time around yet to would make a fabulous marinade for chicken or even fish!?

The chimchurri made thr other day with whole bunches of flat leaf parsley, coriander, some mint and oregano, white wine and cyder vinegar.. Salt and lots of garlics! Finally olive oil to whizzy whazzoo all together.. That always benefits a few days of getting its groove on in the fridge.. 


Vine tomatoes doused in maldon salt and red and green jalapeños are the toppings.. And the wraps super soft store bought ones.. (Heck! Why not sometimes right?)..
It smells amazing and eats even better.. 

Now just who was it that invented this #tacotuesday huh?  

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