Lamb chops two ways

having picked up this fantastic rack of lamb from me pal Ben @redbornefarm    I decided to chop it up into chops.. Reasoning being that Mrs Fitz had made an excellent chermula (morrocany type sauce thingy).. And these chops were… Read More ›

Bbq mix up meats

well the season seems to be starting.. The wonderful wisps of charring things..  My attorney has started grilling a day early this year according to his records.. That must be a reflection on the earths movements , weather change type… Read More ›

Breakfast eggs Benedicte ?

Does this count as eggs Benedicte ? English duchy muffins .. (Bought on a red ticket) Split, toasted and buttered.. Buckinghamshire ham (bought on a red ticket).. Heated through on the iron pan.. Burford brown eggs (no red ticket!) ….. Read More ›

Butternut squash soup

Was at the store that we actually really do like indeed and are getting used to the location of although the snow may be a bit strange when the snow starts.. There was butternut squash and sweet potato reduced pre-chopped… Read More ›

Shopping lists

Have been paying attention to shopping lists recently.. The ones left behind.. Is kinda interesting.. In a strange way.. Have decided that when I see one left on the trolley I will post it! So here is todays.. From the… Read More ›

Chicken tikka.. Multiple!

Got some great organic free range super chicken from the store we don’t like anymore.. Great discount on it… Like a quarter of the price!! Whip the skin off.. Cut into chunks.. Add tandoori spice, ginger and garlic paste and… Read More ›