Duck and Chinese rice fry

I like duck .. I forget how much I like duck to be fair.. We hardly ever have it.

I also like ducks that are still alive., I think they are very cute indeed..

Maybe that’s why we don’t eat them much perhaps..

Yet for this supper I am eating them.. Two good duck legs. Bought reduced from waitrose.. Good quality duck.. Already seasoned and ready to cook.. They also included a sweet chilli glaze yet I omitted that!

Tore back the film and put the tray into the oven at 150 degrees (real money) for 90 minutes.. In that time took Mr Wentworth and Cora Murley for a walk..

Upon returning simply stripped down the duck.. Chopped white onion, garlic . Ginger and green chilli.. And a little piece of Mr Fitz bacon all pan fried.. Added petit pois.. And some Chinese rice courtesy of the veeta family .. Blinking good that stuff I must say.. A great store cupboard item indeed

A good splish splash of kikoman stirfry soy sauce.. And supper was served

And enough left for lunch too!





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  1. I am partial to a bit of duck myself. The walking, feathered variety are a friendly and cute addition to a yard but can be a bit of a messy house guest what with the poop and the window nibbling. I think I prefer them crispy on rice these days.


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