Holy guacamole and ‘fresh’ chips to dip

Holy? Like in a religious way? Really?

Well perhaps., I DID make it in St Patricks day .. Is it blessed ? Dunno yet tastes like it should be!!

First the ‘fresh’ tortilla chips. Take store bought corn tortilla . Chop with scissors ( when you remember where you left them last.. )

Fry in a small amount of mrs Middletons delightful rapeseed oil..

Do them in a couple of batches..

Drying in brown paper to maintain the crispness .. Dusting with onion powder , garlic powder, umami rush powder and some celery salt..

Served whilst warm with the holy guacamole …

Lovely lunch … And feeling kinda virtuous.. Has it been an experience?

Yeah.. A taste-full one at least!






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