Real easy tasty lunch Hungarian mangalista sausage frittata type thingy thing 

First off .. I love these pigs.. unfortunately most of them appear in petting zoos rather than on plates! Ahem…

And this chorizo type Hungarian sausage is the closest I get to eat sans being in Hungary… humph… 

Easy lovely this .. reminiscent of the Spanish tortilla .. kinda.. let’s not get all specific here right? Thank you in advance!

Taking leftover jacket potatoes.. frying off with Nordic potato seasoning ( non-smuggled).. cough cough.. and chopping the sausage up and adding that to the groovy single estate Spanish olive oil.. 

Adding three umm maybe four heck I dunno ! Forked up eggs.. 

Flipping the once.. 

I just love my iron pan for this! 

And we’ll.. there ain’t much more to say really.. 

apart from it is a bangin #fabulous affair!

Nice warm.. I find it even better when left in the cupboard and snaffled ‘nigella’ stylee when I wake up in the night .. something about being bathed in fridge light and eating this just rocks! 

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