Month: October 2013

Pork scratchings!!

Call ’em what you want..‎and all the world over has various names for them.. yet to be fair.. having bought and eaten this ‘it may kill ya’ snack.. I reckon I have it.. NAILED DOWN! I have a good pal….. Read More ›

Jamaican blend sausages

‎Mr Fitz tries international flavours of the world.. just a couple of kilos of the finest Jamaican.. Wishful thinking?? Wistful dreaming? Nah.. wanna captcha those flavours of JAMAICA! Scotch bonnet.. ginger, pimento, garlic.. some thyme.. and some ‘other’ secrets! 2… Read More ›

Flapjacks and Wraps

‎Ok.. have tried.. I have tried.. well ok not tried persay.. yet thought very long and hard about it.. Porridge.. for sure it’s good for you.. and that slow release energy thingy is not to be sniffed at.. I did… Read More ›