Month: October 2013

Jamaican blend sausages

‎Mr Fitz tries international flavours of the world.. just a couple of kilos of the finest Jamaican.. Wishful thinking?? Wistful dreaming? Nah.. wanna captcha those flavours of JAMAICA! Scotch bonnet.. ginger, pimento, garlic.. some thyme.. and some ‘other’ secrets! 2… Read More ›

Breakfast in bed

‎Mrs Fitz very kindly made me breakfast in bed today! The clocks have gone back in time.. and she awoke at a-stoopid-aclock.. x Japanese white tea.. scotch pancakes, porchetta grilled.. very lucky boy! I had two bed fellows though both… Read More ›

Kebabs fit for a king

‎My mind wandered into the realms of turrets, elephants, pink castles, shimmering heat and starry nites.. all because of a reduced chicken in the local store.. x I had thoughts of skinning the chuck, marry-nate-ing-it and ‎spatchcoking to roast.. Decided… Read More ›

Middle eastern wraps

‎Gone back to wonderful wraps.. the pilloweee warm breads.. dusted with zatar spice prior to heating.. chopped Romano peppers, beef tomatoes, scallions, iceberg lettuce, guacamole, tatziki, and beet root and sour cream sauces.. All atopped with diced red onion, ras… Read More ›

Double baked potatoes

‎Baked potatoes… mmmmm Let me say it again.. BAKED POTATOES… MMMMMMMM! x When the weather draws in and you are feeling like you need a big foodie snuggle.. nothing better than proper baked potatoes.. not the Ping variety.. the in… Read More ›

Tuna pasta lunch

‎What to make for Mrs Fitz’s lunch? Am trapped indoors.. well not trapped.. looking after new arrival Cora Murley.. she cool.. no fear whatsoever! It’s great for Mr Wentworth…x Hmm.. cupboard time.. a can of tuna.. some tomatoes in the… Read More ›

Squidless rings!

‎ ‎‎‎ ‎ Well Mr Fitz l went to Waitrose this morning for our weekly shop and to pick up my free Daily Mail. (really Jack! Other much better papers are available!b) I saw on one of the shelves… Read More ›

Anniversary supper

‎It’s our anniversary.. the wedding one.. So what with having Cora Murley and a very bouncy yet tryin to be helpful Mr Wentworth.. it has made supper a wee bit difficult.. Gone for a spatchcocked chuck.. cut the back bone… Read More ›

Home coming delights..

‎I Love Mrs Fitz.. like really love her.. and particularly when I have been travelling hard.. she always makes me a shepherds pie.. and some buttermilk irish soda bread.. It’s become world renowed as I travel.. everyone from customs to… Read More ›

Real Yankee food

After the small struggles with eating ‘serviced’ food.. let’s try takeout.. this is the lands that invented it right? It’s gotta be good.. Oh oh mama.. yup it’s good Hot dog on a stick.. pure genius, designed by a mad… Read More ›

Morels and Mounties

‎Think the Mounties may be on to me! Perhaps the post about the thanksgiving was not good? X Breakfast at Morels though was nice.. of course donuts with home made jam.. covered in powdered sugar.. is naturally the best way… Read More ›

Kinsale part two

Have gone for the fish and chips upon Chef Johnny Hartnett’s recommendation ‎.. and I must admit.. apart from that I do not normally eat the shishies.. it was fantastic.. is it being by the sea that does that to… Read More ›

Kinsale part one

Have arrived in Kinsale.. the weather is still superb.. is this really Ireland? Kinsale is one of those superb picturesque postcard places.. and in the sunshine even better! Have managed to meet up with the fantastic up-coming chef.. Johnny Hartnett….. Read More ›

Cork City

‎Have arrived in Cork City.. a wonderful city.. in beautiful Eire.. and it is glorious sunshine.. some places really shine in the sun and this is one of those.. I first came here many years ago.. and boy has the… Read More ›

Truffle butter

‎What to do with that wonderful truffle brought back from our hunting.. ? Due to travel for the next couple of weeks.. needed to ‘preserve’ it’s rarity and make sure we could enjoy it in the future! So truffle butter… Read More ›

Jacks: Cheats Spag Bol

This is a great cheatey recipe from My pal Jack.. move over Delia!! Jack’s at the helm! ‎‎‎‎‎ Tonight I decided to cook some Spaghetti Bolognese. I had a jar of that well known ready made sauce prepared by… Read More ›

A somerset jaunt..

‎As we leave somerset with our truffles and heads full of new found knowledge.. we (me an Mr Wentworth) decide to take in some of the food related sites along the way.. First stop Julien Temperleys Cider Brandy distillery.. perhaps… Read More ›

Truffle Hunters..!

We made it.. after a breakfast worthy of a good hunt, me & Mr Wentworth drove the short distance to the secret location.. After gaining access through the big iron gates.. we meet Marion Dean.. with a big smile.. and… Read More ›