Pauls-Pickles (@PaulsPickles) replied to one of your Tweets! Kebab meat!

Kebab, Kebob, gyros.. or whatever.. shaadduuPps alreadys!! X

If ya like meat ya like kebab.. from the first time human set alight to a bit of meat on a stick.. to the stumbling outta a club/bar.. to enjoying the finer delicacies from the colonies.. x nothing beats good Kebob.. and boy does Mr Fitz seem to have nailed it.. in a pack you can ‘ping’..

Multiple people starting to ask about my all natural no shivery, gawky bits.. meat and secret spyyceees..

I had a kebob sandwich yesterday also.. delicious with morrocan flatbread.. crunchy salad and a wonderful sauce made from mint sauce, ketchup a splash of milk and a squeeze of lemon juice.. dunno whay yet this really really enhances the drooling kebab meat flavour..

And what a nice post from my new pal @paulspickles

See you this weekend.. can’t sell the meat to you.. happy to talk trading though!

@MrFitzcooks @SCondimentsCo Can I purchase more of the Kabob Meat? Had a Kabob & salad sandwich yesterday & I can still taste it! – @PaulsPickles


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