Month: June 2014

Sunday breakfast

I have a chap coming over to chop down some trees.. Unfortunately the apple tree has to come down.. It’s been overtaken by the ivy.. The apples have never really been good enough for eating.. The neighbours tree always seems… Read More ›

Elderflower champagne

As it’s festival weekend and fiesta friday what better than the most wonderful drink of elderflower champagne?? Ok.. I admit I have never actually made this before.. I reckons my pal the novice gardener will be impressed by my foraging… Read More ›

Corned beef hash

I think this is one of those dishes you love or hate.. Or bear with! It’s a classic.. Mention it in a pub and you should get nodding looks.. Nods of memories fond or foe.. Mind you .. I very… Read More ›

Leftovers for lunch

We have a bunch of leftovers from the weekend .. Thats cool in my book! So.. Leftover lunch número uno.. Chopped spatchcock chicken leg.. Into toasted buttered bun.. With a dressed Italian caper berry and wild chives leafy salad ….. Read More ›

Big beefy ribs..

Ok.. I succumbed .. Yet they needed eating right? I picked these fantastic scotch beef ribs from Ian the butcher last week.. That’s how long good quality meat lasts you see .. I have to pop over and see him… Read More ›

Breakfast eggs Benedicte ?

Does this count as eggs Benedicte ? English duchy muffins .. (Bought on a red ticket) Split, toasted and buttered.. Buckinghamshire ham (bought on a red ticket).. Heated through on the iron pan.. Burford brown eggs (no red ticket!) ….. Read More ›

Pie and ‘posh’ peas

last nights supper.. We have been hitting the steak hard recently.. so time to turn it down a notch.. a delicious steak pie! This pastry covered delight is store bought (on a reduced ticket) yet very very well done indeed!… Read More ›

Picanha steak ?

The picanha steak.. New one on me.. Think I had it a few years back in Rio at one if those amazing grill joints.. so much meat !! They just keep bringing it on over! If you dig meat you… Read More ›

Steak sarnies

Sometimes all you want for supper is a couple of easy food sarnies.. This is them… Simple sour dough bread toasted.. Black pepper for Mrs Fitz. Butter And horseradish for moi.. Rocket dressed in Italian balsamic dressing.. And a smack… Read More ›

Chermoula chicken with biryani

Still plugging our way through those chickens. This birdie got skinned chopped and slathered in chermoula paste .. What is chermoula paste? It’s a North African kinda thing .. Full of flavour. And just brilliant with chicken.. Am sure though… Read More ›

Potato gratin??? Nooop!

While picking up the evenings libations Mrs Fitz also picked up a handy recipe for potato gratin ala coop recipe card.. After deciding that this would be a perfect dish to accompany the lamb supper we had planned.. Followed it… Read More ›

Hot diggidy doggies..

Went off to see butcher Dave today.. Got a bunch of stuff.. Look out for venison burgers.. White pudding.. Classic English breakfast sausages.. Mr Fitz legendary doner style kebob..And hmmm more to come too! For now let’s focus on the… Read More ›

Do pigs have hands?

Yup they sure do.. (Cows also have wings..) Porky lovely ones.. And in my mind the best cut for pulled pork .. Cheap as chips.. Mind you chips ain’t that cheap anymore!! You probably need to get friendly with a… Read More ›

BBQ burgers & spuds

Looking in the fridge revealed a couple of things, a few burgers that needed eating.. Along with four of those delicious jersey royals already cooked.. Well that says it gotta be weber time! Seasoned the patties with creole seasoning and… Read More ›