When life gives you ground lamb..

You gotta make Shepherds pie…

That cosseting comfort dish that just hands over a big hug and says everything is ok..

Sure there are a zillion ways of cooking it.. Yet this one was just simple..

First take the ground lamb that butcher Dave sold ya..

Fry it off throwing away all that liquid that comes out.. Do this in batches..

Add carrots and white onions.. Some celery seed (didn’t have any fresh).. And white pepper..ketchup and anchovy paste

Throw in some lamb stock both in cube and from the stash that me ol pal jack donated to me a while back..

Let it bubble away ..

Once bubbled up good.. Add bisto.. Seriously.. Add bisto.. It’s superb.. If you haven’t had it for a while and I am talking the powder here original Then you need to re-introduce it to your life..

When close to the curtain falling add a can of drained peas..

It’s simple ,it works

Boil up some spuds for mashy

Spoon the shep mix into appropriate dishes .. Or inappropriate if that’s how you roll..

Top with mash then breadcrumbs then pimped roscoff garlic oil..

Into the oven..

Get ready for a big hug..








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16 replies

  1. I also make shepherd’s pie using leftover lamb after a roast – I just chop it into small pieces and use it like mince – great way to stretch a small amount of meat a bit further not to mention it makes THE BEST pie ever!


  2. This looks scrumdiddlyumptious!! Shepherds pie and Cottage pie are both comfort food meals under our roof. It’s such an easy meal to make in big batches and freeze individually for a quick dinner 🙂


  3. I LOVE shepherds pie and it is also one of my husband’s favorites. This looks wonderful!


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  5. You are right. Shepherds pie is indeed a comfort food. I like the way you have presented it . Looks awesome. And thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂


  6. I love anything with lamb 🙂 This looks great!


  7. Mr Fitz where is that butchers i might pop my head in one day if i am passing.


  8. The shepherds pie looks amazing. Never seen it made with lamb before.


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