Chermoula chicken with biryani

Still plugging our way through those chickens.

This birdie got skinned chopped and slathered in chermoula paste .. What is chermoula paste?

It’s a North African kinda thing .. Full of flavour. And just brilliant with chicken.. Am sure though that it would be equally ass nice on roasted veggies or fish.. Ok perhaps not quite equal.. Ahem.. This one comes in a store bought jar .. It’s all natural and yummy

Simply tossed onto the weber and cooked through..

In the meantime ..

A couple sauces are required here.. A garlicky cucumbery lemony salty number.. Simple with Greek yoghurt..

And a tomato and shallot slush with white wine vinegar, mint , coriander and chilli. Simply pulsed in the processor..

Simple fresh sauces like these two can cheer up anything! Not that the chicken needed cheering up yet I bet it was too happy!

Served with biryani from the Tilda family .. That stuff rocks when you just add a few additions.. This time buttered French beans.. An awesome vegetarian dish on its own dare I say it!

Lovely supper after a lovely hot day .. Too hot really. Couldn’t sit out in it..ah well better than the rain right?

And for dessert?

We have wonderful neighbours that are retired master bakers.. Handy huh? They often pass over cake.. This walnut number was possibly the lightest cake I have ever eaten ! Superb with some tea..

Happy Monday 20140609-092101-33661020.jpg




20140609-092103-33663620.jpg f



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  1. Looks good sounds spicy! Was a lovely weekend for a Barbie


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