Potato gratin??? Nooop!

While picking up the evenings libations Mrs Fitz also picked up a handy recipe for potato gratin ala coop recipe card..

After deciding that this would be a perfect dish to accompany the lamb supper we had planned..

Followed it to the letter.. Well.. We were out of cream so used Greek yoghurt instead.. That should be ok right?

Thinly slicing the spuds.. Seasoning every layer with garlic and salt and pepper..

Finally pouring in the herby milk and yoghurt mixture.. Setting in the oven covered just as the recipe card said..

Finally taking off the foil lid for the last half hour…

Raw.. Split… Yucky yucky yuck yuck

Darn you coop recipe card.. Darn you.. We waited one and a half hours for that!

Made chips instead.. 20140608-100107-36067538.jpg20140608-100107-36067944.jpg



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  1. Its the yoghurt. I substitute Greek yoghurt for sour cream all the time when cooking and this is the result you get, the yoghurt just doesn’t handle the heat in the same way and you get that grainy split texture, not the nicest result after a long wait. Especially if you aren’t expecting it 😦


  2. Recipe fail, boo! That’s soo frustrating but I bet the chips were great and hopefully you had plenty of libations to make the hour and a half wait not so bad! 😉


  3. I know that was disappointing…still I would have been tempted to salvage the dish by running it through the blender, tarting it up, making vichyssoise and pretending that was what I meant to do!


  4. How disappointing, a recipe fail! Heavy cream or double cream and park or pecorino won’t fail you! They can withstand the long cooking needed to cook the potatoes.


  5. Don’t you just hate trying a new recipe and waiting so long for it to cook, just to have horrible results? Glad you were able to save the day with chips! 🙂


  6. Hi. I make Dauphinoise potatoes often but have always used double cream, I don’t think yoghurt would work at all. Normally the thinly sliced potatoes are lightly simmered in the cream and garlic until almost cooked then carefully removed with a slotted spoon and laid in layers in a buttered gratin dish. Pour over some of the simmered cream and repeat the layering finishing with a nice thick coating of the garlic cream. This would then go into the oven at around 180/190 uncovered for about half an hour until potatoes are soft and crisp on top. Next time I make some I’ll bring some over.


  7. Sorry it didn’t work out for you! Yogurt will congeal when heated. Strange they listed two temperatures, 140 C is WAY too low. 160 is even pushing it unless the potatoes are paper thin and spread out in a fairly thin layer. But if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!


  8. Oh NO! Darn the luck. That’s a lot of waiting too.


  9. Glad you thought about the chips and they tasted delicious 🙂 Milk when heated gets coagulated, when you add yogurt 🙂 That’s how in Indian cuisine, paneer is made 😐 Guess it is that.


  10. Too bad the potato gratin didn’t work out 😦 but chips are delicious as well 🙂


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