Month: December 2013

Best Indian food

‎Mrs Fitz reckons I make the best injun food.. better than any take out round here.. x Which I must say is kinda true.. my Mama wrote a cookery book in the 80’s.. easy Indian vegetarian food.. and ‎I reckon… Read More ›

Leftover Sprouts

Bubble and squeak from Me pal Jack Taylor.. have just lent him some fat and some orkney beef sausage seasoning for a slicing sausage he is making.. his meat is far too lean!! And being a good Celtic scot.. he… Read More ›

Jacks Leftover lamb

‎Here it is.. and I wish I had it.. hmmm.. I have some lamb in the freezer… that’s tomorrow’s lunch sorted.. gonna take the dogs out to the woods.. that can be baking away while we walk.. what a lovely… Read More ›