Month: December 2013

Best Indian food

‎Mrs Fitz reckons I make the best injun food.. better than any take out round here.. x Which I must say is kinda true.. my Mama wrote a cookery book in the 80’s.. easy Indian vegetarian food.. and ‎I reckon… Read More ›

Leftover Sprouts

Bubble and squeak from Me pal Jack Taylor.. have just lent him some fat and some orkney beef sausage seasoning for a slicing sausage he is making.. his meat is far too lean!! And being a good Celtic scot.. he… Read More ›

Jacks Leftover lamb

‎Here it is.. and I wish I had it.. hmmm.. I have some lamb in the freezer… that’s tomorrow’s lunch sorted.. gonna take the dogs out to the woods.. that can be baking away while we walk.. what a lovely… Read More ›

Turkey sausages..

‎Ok.. you may be bored of Turkey.. or sitting their thinking/looking at a huge pile of bird in the fridge/pantry/sideboard.. this ain’t a post about use up poultry.. it’s a tale of Two Turkeys.. Two heavily discounted Turkeys!! Sitting comfortably?… Read More ›

St stephens day supper

‎Dinner was served.. st stephens day.. supper.. it’s a bubble and squeak day.. normally.. x kinda followed those rules.. Smoked foreman salmon.. been keeping that for a while.. frozen of course..! This is the finest salmon.. and shredded by hand….. Read More ›


Originally posted on From Belly to Bacon:
Cross Section of Cured and Dried Guanciale People say that bacon is a trend and, in my opinion, part of it is. Bacon, by itself, is probably more of a hanger on of the surge…

Mrs Fitz spuds for tea

It’s the holiday season.. (who can miss that!) So stayed a little longer than required in the local pub.. had fun.. yet didn’t eat properly.. not good.. was wobbly.. just a little! So Mrs Fitz made me crinkle cut wedges….. Read More ›

Lunch of fishcakes

I needed an easy lunch.. Mrs Fitz had the last of the stroganoff with mashy left over from last nite.. I went for fishcakes.. not being a major fish eater.. I like these.. And made them into a face.. because… Read More ›

Lamb and redcurrant sausages

‎Have gone for some seasonal sausages.. the holiday season is in full swing.. the radio playing Christmas songs.. and you cannot get anywhere near a store without people seemingly panic purchasing!! Sheesh!! So gone for lamb and redcurrant sausages.. with… Read More ›

Raining, humid..

‎We have rain.. and so humid that it takes the wrinkles outta your trousers.. which is kinda cool I suppose.. x Yet what was for supper? A wonderful spread of dine-around options.. showcasing all the wonderful eateries from here in… Read More ›

Atlanta.. raining!

Just arrived in Atlanta..‎and it’s raining! That’s cool.. am just gonna breeze on past.. connecting to West Palms.. should be sunny there! Good flight over from Delta.. no clowns to the left of me or jokers to the right.. empty… Read More ›