Leftover Sprouts

Bubble and squeak from Me pal Jack Taylor.. have just lent him some fat and some orkney beef sausage seasoning for a slicing sausage he is making.. his meat is far too lean!! And being a good Celtic scot.. he needs to add fat!!

Looking forward to that‎!!

So here is Jack’s use up bubble.. I dig that egg.. x

As mentioned in my last post I had some leftover sprouts and needed to find something to do with them..

‎Sprouts are very like cabbage so bubble and squeak sounds like a good plan as long as there is some twist.

So I chopped up the leftover sprouts with the bacon and chestnuts, fried some very finely chopped onion until soft and added them to the sprouts.

While all this was going on I boiled some potatoes and mashed them with butter. I mixed everything together and spiced the mixture with salt, pepper and a pinch of chilli.

When mixed evenly they were separated into 4 round patties and fried for about 15 mins turning halfway through over a medium heat.

When ready I served them with a poached egg on top sprinkled with my jar of Bruchetta from the Oil and Vinegar store.. (awful store Jack.. simply awful!!) and a splash of tomato and brown sauces.

They were delicious. Roll on next Xmas!!!!

We are finally having the frosts.. so the Brussels will now be delicious!!

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