Roast beef Mrs Fitz favourite supper

Roast rib of beef‎.. even typing the words makes you know you are going to have a great supper.. a really great supper.. well not if you don’t like cow I suppose!!

Mrs Fitz loves roast beef.. and the king of cuts has to be the rib for this dish.. the wing is great also yet double the price at the moment.. so that’s a no-no at this time of year..

Roast beef is popular for new years day.. also lamb.. I reckon we will have lamb.. that’s another day.. x

Roast beef.. simply seared.. and placed on the rack above the spuds.. king Edwards.. par boiled and fluffed a little..

The beef at 1.6 kilos.. 20 mins at 230.. reduced to 160 for a further 45 mins.. rested for a good 30 minutes.. in the most foil Mrs Fitz could unwrap by all accounts!!

For veggies.. brussel sprout tops.. I love them!! And french green beans.. and petit pois.. simply boiled with some butter and french sea salt.. ‎a square yorkshire.. pan juice gravy.. and horseradish made from the sour cream and garlic chive ‘dip’ left over from the double baked potatoes..

A truly wonderful meal… a walk of the dogs post supper… and cuddled in for the night..

Just remembered!! We had a bakewell tart to eat!! Well that’s this afternoons treat sorted then! X

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