Double stuffed baked twice SUPER pimped potatoes.. with home chilli

‎For supper tonite?

Double stuffed baked twice spudulas..

You HAVE to love twice baked potatoes.. real nice indeedy x

These ones? King Edwards.. rolled in olive oil and fine french sea salt.. into the super Italian oven.. cook them to baked perfection in 22 minutes only.. and that also mean crispy skins.. none of your microwave bollox.. x

Scooped out.. mashed with butter, mrs Middleton’s pimped lebanese oil, garlic powder, onion powder, bristol blend pepper and. Chilli salt..

Re-filled and baked again at 225.. for 16 minutes..

Same time. Cooking chilli.. browned mince.. chopped tom’s, and white kidney beans.. I prefer these, the skins seem easy to digest?

A. Few more herbs.. and. Done..

So.. take spuds.. add chilli.. and top with. Sour cream mixed with garlic chives.. ain’t no vampires welcome here tonite!!! X

Great supper.. great x

For deeeee—-seeerrrrrtttt?

A box of thorntons choccie4.. an a cup of white tea.. I love white tea. X

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