Three time truffle oil spiked and herbed baked potatoes -ala godson Patrick Starsky and then a roast chicken for a second outing 

Well it’s that Wonderful time of year when our fabulous godson Patrick Starsky swings on by to help me out with fabulous food for our wonderful clients..

Yet also to play with his food .. perfect to expiriment with some ideas for the A/W2017 menus.. 

so let’s begin right?

We decided on making some real pimped up ‘JP’s’ .. *(jacket spuds).. 

Strange the jackets .. I also have a company that specialised really fabulous ones.. it’s over at  .. thing is it really doesn’t do well! For some reason the world loves the idea of a JP yet not the buying of them.. I think it’s down to all the bad nuked ones by chef ping perhaps? And that often a not very flavourful spud is used.. maybe that’s it? Ahh sheesh.. I don’t feckin know!

Anyhoodooheedoo.. let’s get back to the Pat fantastic ones.. these rock.. 

first a good spud.. oh pantaloons! I have forgotten the type of them.. well that throws out my bit out about the importance of a good spud? Humph.. well mebbe I update that a some point .. mebbe not.. 

ok.. first hand rubbed in sunflower oil and some table salt.. into a low oven at 160 real money degrees .. 

Once cooked it’s like that woodcraft folk game of hot potato ( yeah I was a woodcraft kid).. ( although I carry a scouts utility knife)..  now these are freakin hot, so fast work is required as your hands start to expand like a scaffolder in the UAE! 

Scooped out the flesh is mixed with snipped up red onions, herbs, way too much butter and Viking sea salt.. 

The now empty skinz are dusted with some Viking sea salt (you need that in your life for sure).. bitter sweet paprika and finally Pat spritzes them with a white truffle oil.. 

Back into the turned up oven to crisp up.. 

About 14-18 minutes .. 

and then out they come and the now chopped with the side of a spoon not mashed or crushed mix popped back in.. 

Back into the oven whilst Pat rocks a chopped salad.. 

This is a veggie dish I guess.. yet stunning.. 

I think our wonderful clients are gonna freak at this in a/w17 for sure .. the taste is off the clock and check this out.. 

there is enough for another outing.. 

Now let’s get our meat on.. 

an oregano spritzed and cubeb pepper roast chicken.. 

With some red wine and rosemary infused jolly green giant cannned corn … who doesn’t dig the green giant right? Best corn on the planet.. 

This really is a fabulous treat.. Pat.. you are not only my godson yet also a great pal and a seriously creative cook my friend.. 

Look out for more fabulous food interventions.. and we are almost ready to launch That new season menu 

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  2. The potatoes sound fabulous. And the Woodcraft Folk – the paramilitary wing of the Co-op!

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