First potatoes! Yay!

‎Decided to un-pot some of my spuds.. picked the one that was looking most likely.. marched the pot outside.. easier to lose the soil that way.. x Got just enough for supper for three of us! Fantastic.. is quite funny… Read More ›

Jacks fruit & spuds

Jack grows great veg & fruit every year and with the weather we have been having this year is no different.. Rain sun rain sun cold hot cold.. Not so good for us.. Brilliant for the growing!! Proud of ya… Read More ›

Baked spuds

Can’t beat them huh? The crisp outside , the super-dooper soft an fluffy inner.. The addition of butter, a good twistin of pepper (think Bristol blend).. A sprinkle of good rock salt.. And salad.. Yup salad… I aint really good… Read More ›