Sausages, Bacon and Baked spuds…

‎Bought a bunch of ribs.. decided to split them up.. reserving some of the fat for future sausages.. after many discussions with various people’s and sources.. the fat ratio has been increased.. a small addition of some breadcrumb.. water and a wonderful spice mix of crushed coriander seed, fennel seed, cumin seed, smokey paprika, hot paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, achoor powder, salt, pepper and dried mixed herbs..

Chopped up the meat and aft.. and batched it in small portions into the freezer to do its thing, just for a little while.. I read it makes the chopping bit better.. and it does!! Whizzed in the processor. Soon had a lovely looking and smelling sausage meat..

Sheep casings.. soaked to remove salt and placed on the nozzle… crank crank crank.. and sausages made! cool! Forgot the Linkin bit yet a couple twists and all is looking good.. a littl eover stuffing so we have had a burst.. just one.. is all good..

Oh and am curing the bacon! First time.. an organic maple cure.. and a loin of pork.. one kilo of Mr Fitz bacon coming up! Will keep it posted..

And for lunch? I made Mrs Fitz baked spuds.. proper oven spuds.. crispy on the outside, fluffy in the middle.. with tuna an sweetcorn for her and just butter and a simple salad with honey an mustard dressing for me.. a delicious lunch indeed x

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