Chicken capitan- ala Attorney x

‎My Attorney mailed me this dish.. and to be fair sounds wonderful!

Have eaten at many of Atols places.. never had this.. it is for sure to be cooked in the kitchens of Mr Fitz.. divine! X

Atul Korchar recipe that now has a life of its own.. can’t remember the original but now a house fave..

Chop up and then paste the following.. white onions.. (fresh picked! ) he has a great PYO near him also! And chilli, 2 garlic cloves, 2 lemon grass, and a shake of turmeric.. 2 lemon grass stix, (really!), ???

4 chicken thighs.. (only? C’mon attorney cook big man! Just a couple each? Sheesh a-rel-ee! X)

Fry thighs in a wok in some veg oil.. (ghee would be better ahem x) until they go nice an brown.. and set aside..

Add paste to the wok and fry for a minute or so.. then add creamy coconut milk, slowly bring to the boil, then add chicken and simmer lid off for about 30 to 40 mins.. add some brown sugar for sweetness.. attorney says he uses a couple of sweetness.. nah man stop that x! X

Meanwhile very finely slice some more onion and dry fry until lovely an crispy.. this will be the garnish along with a little more red chilli sliced real thin.. length ways and some cucumber in da same way..

Serve with boiled basmati rice ‎and some poppadums.. my attorney crushes em up and adds to the garnish..

Well.. reads well huh? I reckon so and I also reckon this for sure will be tried out.. not sure about the lemongrass yet my attorney ain’t often wrong.. x

Let me know if you try it out..

Nite attorney and family x


Father has great looking parathas cooked by his pal Liz.. not using butter or ghee.. he mentioned that pretty hard! And says the addition of Mrs Middleton rapeseed oil (that he gets shipped to amsterdam), has made em real tasty indeed.. nice one father x

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