Month: May 2014

Spirit capturer.. Moi?

I am very happy that I seem to have been given the honour of being a spirit capturer.. Not in a spooky hooky kinda way .. Not In a crystal jangly kinda way either.. Yet simply for enjoying making eating… Read More ›

Steak for lunch..

The weather is nasty .. Horrible! For lunch I needed to make something to cheer up Mrs Fitz.. With a sirloin on the bone sitting pretty in the fridge it had to be the choice … Now .. The steak… Read More ›

Fly TAP?

I hadn’t flown with TAP for a while, the journey out to Lisbon was so early in the morning that to be honest I didn’t really notice much.. It musta been comfy as I nodded off for a wee while….. Read More ›

Potato pakoras

Quick snack these pakoras.. And always amazes me by how many you get for such a little amount of spudulas.. ! As a child these were always a favourite treat.. My grandfather made the best ones EVER! For certain., Nice… Read More ›

Rosie’s sweetcorn fritters

Easy lovely lunch required.. And since rediscovering the spooning with Rosie book from a while back, these fritters are just the ticket.. There are lots of other recipes that I must try out.. The porchetta ribs for sure! Yet today… Read More ›

Beef leftovers number two..

Still using up the leftover beef.. Today it was turned into a quick beef ‘curry’ for lunch. Simply chopped beef, a roscoff onion, some baby tomatoes a green chilli and a dollop of veeraswamy Gujarati paste.. Some water to loosen… Read More ›

Simply lovely Sunday supper

It’s Sunday ..(well actually it’s technically Monday while i write this . Yet you may be reading it on a Wednesday. Or perhaps a Friday.. So does it matter really? ) Ok.. Let’s start again.. Sunday supper.. For Mrs Fitz… Read More ›

Burgers and Bangers BBQ

Well the weather has definitely decided to be kind.. The sun is shining.. That just has to mean BBQ! Still some lamb leftover from the meat carney the other day.. Do that needs using before it turns on me! Lamb… Read More ›

Rosie and shirley ..

Two types if inspiration tonite.. First one being from a cook book my father bought me a while back ., and a recipe for sweetcorn fritters. It reads far too easy yet really is easy! Rosie says no salt yet… Read More ›